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In order for the content to appear on our website, it must be 100 % original, and should not imitate other control approaches. We welcome articles to inform our readers of Agile IT marketing strategies, strategic vision, trends, and development projects in particular.

Over the years, our base of users has expanded and recognized themselves as a confidential source of industry information. We are accessible whether you want to write a single post or whether you want us to support us in posting regularly. Nevertheless, it takes time to compose articles, games and videos. We will be honest. We will be honest. We want the best of your service, and try to push you there.

Basic Ethics

Values of growing organization are significant. We think it is crucial for us to act with the benefit of the heart, to consider the origins of others and to function ethically in the long term interests of our friends. In order to always deliver the best excellent treatment, wir are also trying to connect with each other and collaborate with clients.

If a coworker needs support, we have the back of each other, give each other cups of tea and button up the sleeves. Such principles are often the product of healthy interactions and positive beliefs.

Confidence, integrity, job standards, dedication to excellence, honesty and goodness are essential.

Don’t send us irrelevant information which makes us sad

  • See our Style Guide and recent papers before sending you for information on how your piece is organized and formatted.
  • Has a topic and a simple discussion — not only a compilation of tips and recommendations.
  • You found a personality. Be noble, engaging, humane.
  • Is written for an audience of writers, journalists, site strategists, information architects or the like.
  • Not all opinions are backed by compelling claims. Check proof and quote sources, if needed.
  • For our design document.

Submission Process

Your submission, please email us. We suggest submissions as Google documents that allow publishers to provide feedback and guidance directly in your draft. You may also give us a plaintext script, a Markdown script or an HTML connection to the paper. No ZIP asset file should be sent unless ordered by an editor

If you have an item you would like to send, please feel free to contact us. If you would like to explore potential issues before writing the message, please contact us with your suggestions. We publish free tools for our readers (for example news, games, business strategies, subjects, textures, icons etc.)

When you submit your post, please allow us two to three working days to reverse. Every day, we obtain 100 things that our infrastructure vendors closely examine. Unless you only follow requirements needed by our experience, you might need to change your documents.

Terms & Conditions

Through uploading your blog article you commit to an unpaid donation. You accept that health policies or programs are not available for staff. You can not support or attempt to make us responsible for any responsibility. If you have given the content, we are allowed to republish it digitally and, of necessity, distribute it in any form and for the reasons of advertisement and sales.