Why Video Editors Use Watermarks?

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    Watermarks are commonly used in the world of video editing.  They are a useful tool the editors add to their work in order to sign it and make it clear that the video is a product of their own work.

    It’s easy enough to add the watermark to the video without it having to affect the quality of an actual product. It’s also similarly simple to remove the watermark when there’s a need for it. The tools used to add the watermark can also be used to lightly edit the video.

    What’s a Watermark?

    A watermark is an imprint that’s made on the video that will appear in every shot. It’s usually a logo of the company that has produced the content or it can be the signature of the author.  The watermark can be quite large and noticeable or it can be a small and understated feature.

    Sometimes the watermark is there to indicate that the video shouldn’t be copied or altered and it can say just that in just as many words. That means that you’ve clearly indicated those who view the video aren’t allowed to use it.

    Fair Use

    There are cases in which the video can be used freely even if it has a watermark. This is covered by the fair use clause of the laws. It means it can be used for educational purposes or to criticize the material itself. The watermark is easy to remove, however.

    There are tools that can provide the service of a watermark remover free of charge, but you need to do your research. These tools work on both a computer and a mobile device and they may sometimes require you to upload the video in order to use it. The tools can often be used to perform other smaller tweaks.

    Making Sure No One Uses Your Videos

    Intellectual property rights are important in the world of content creation and you want to make sure no one is using your videos without your approval. The watermark can accomplish that even when it doesn’t spell it out loud.

    If it’s clear through the use of a watermark that the video belongs to your company or you personally you can use it as proof when it comes to legal liability for using the footage without permission. Having a watermark can therefore save you quite a lot of money in court later on.

    Giving the Artists their Due

    An artist also wants to have ownership of their work and a watermark can do that for you. That can be accomplished by having a logo as a watermark that indicates who created the video. It can be done without jeopardizing the look of the video itself.

    This is also true when a video is a team effort and the watermark is there to indicate that the team is behind the product as a whole. A sense of ownership is important in both legal and professional sense.

    What Should the Watermark Be?

    The watermark can simply state that copying a video isn’t allowed. But it can also be something more complex such as a logo of your company. A logo is much more than a sign you’ll post on your video. It should be a part of your overall visual identity.

    When designing the logo, you should take into account how it will appear on other platforms and how it speaks about your company and its values. When this is the case, you should pay a professional to design a logo you’ll use as a watermark. It pays off to have an expert do it and provide their input.

    What Tools to Use?

    There are tools online that you could use to make and add the watermark. If the watermark is simply a copyright disclaimer, it can be added by any tool made for that purpose simply by typing those words in. However, if it’s a logo, you should also consider a tool to produce the logo itself.

    The design tools can be more expensive and more comprehensive than editing ones. Sometimes this means you’ll also have to pay for the subscription to those tools in order to produce a logo you plan to use as a watermark.

    Watermarks Made by the Software

    Sometimes watermarks are made by the software itself. This is usually the case with the software that has a paid and free version. The free version comes with a watermark while you can opt-out of it when you use the paid version.

    To make your videos appear more professional, you’ll need to pay for the software used to produce them. It’s an additional expense but one that offers a clean-cut look and allows you to choose your own watermark and whether to have one in the first place.

    Will the Watermark Prevent Copyright Issues?

    It depends on who’s trying to steal your intellectual property. If someone simply uses your video without altering it, the watermark will remain a part of it and it’s rather simple to notice that the video is stolen and belongs to you. This is enough for both the courts and the viewers.

    However, it’s also possible to remove the watermark without lowering the quality of the video and to repost it without it. In those cases, the watermark can’t really do much and you’ll need to find other ways of proving ownership.

    It’s Also a Legal Issue

    Have in mind that using a watermark to make sure your copyright is protected isn’t only an aesthetic and technical issue, but also a legal one. That’s something to take into account when deciding whom to consult in the process. A lawyer should be on your list.

    Talk to a lawyer before you decide what the logo should be and before you decide on whether to add a logo to the video or not. Their advice can help you sort a lot of the legal issues out and make a better decision when it comes to the aesthetic and design options you have at your disposal.

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