Why do you need permanent makeup?

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Most women lead a hectic life, so they always look for ways to save time. They try to avoid reapplication of lip colour and eyeliner, which is an important reason for choosing permanent makeup. Permanent makeup can give you filled-in brows, filled-in lips, and crisp eyeliner. An eyeliner tattoo gives you great relief by eliminating the mess caused by eyeliner smudges. The dye in the permanent tattoo penetrates only the superficial layers of the skin. It lasts for almost two years, and you can get it touched up as it fades.

Reasons to get a permanent makeup

Saves time

One advantage of choosing cosmetic tattooing is the time factor. You love makeup but don’t have the time for it. Tattooing can save the time you spend trying to get the perfect look and symmetry. It saves precious morning time, which you can utilise for other essential tasks.

Saves money

Without permanent makeup, you would be spending a lot on cosmetic products like lipsticks and eyeliners. Moreover, you need a makeup remover to remove the makeup before you sleep. Cosmetic tattoo eliminates the need for lipsticks, eyeliners, and makeup removers.

Suits sensitive skin

Allergies to the ingredients present in cosmetic products are common in some people. Their skin may become red, itchy, and dry. Permanent makeup is done with dyes that are hypoallergenic and suit almost everyone. It puts an end to allergic reactions.

Low maintenance

Once cosmetic tattooing is done, it lasts for two years and needs a touch-up after a year, and it depends upon your skin type and aftercare. You should wear sunglasses and use gentle eye makeup remover to prevent the permanent eye makeup from fading away soon.


Regular makeup gets smudged when water splashes on it. Permanent makeup solves this problem, and you need not worry about your makeup if you get wet. With cosmetic tattooing, you can stop worrying about the smudging caused by lipsticks and eyeliners.

Avoids reapplication

Cosmetic tattooing needs no reapplication, and once it is done, it stays good for a year. It is a boon for those who constantly worry about hurried, imperfect, or messy applications. A tattoo makes you feel confident about your looks.

Beautiful all the time

You can wake up beautiful every day and face the mirror confidently. Permanent makeup covers all the scars and blemishes on the face which you wanted to remove. Now you can choose the look you want.

Popular permanent makeup options

Microblading – to fill in and shape eyebrows

Permanent eyeliner – placed above the lash line to mimic eyeliner or eye pencil.

Permanent tightline – pigment is placed just below the lash line.

Permanent lip tinting – pigment is deposited into the lip area to create colour and fuller lips.

Permanent makeup procedure

The time taken for cosmetic tattooing depends upon your original skin tone and the amount of enhancement you need. It needs some time to heal and settle into its permanent shade. It would be best if you avoided getting exposed to the sun for a few days. Soon you can walk out confidently without the need for any makeup to enhance your looks.

Permanent makeup is not only for making you look beautiful. It also helps people with skin discolouration problems and leukoderma patches. Busy women will not have fussy mornings where they try hard to get the makeup done perfectly. Also, an eyeliner tattoo keeps your eyes beautiful all through the day and helps you stay mess-free. If you love makeup and have no time for it, permanent makeup is the right option to solve your problems.

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