Why Are Children So Obsessed With BIGWIN888 E Wallet.

E Wallet.

If you’re the parent of a young child, chances are good that they have an account with BigWin888. On the face of it, this site seems like a safe place for your kids to make and save money by completing tasks from websites such as BigWin888 (a GPT) or surveys from Opinion Outpost (an online survey company). But what parents might not realize is that these sites pay out only around 2% to 3% of all completed offers.

This is where BIGWIN888 e wallet really makes their money: through “advertisers”.

Each offer that users complete on the site has an affiliated “advertiser”, such as a mobile game or web browser plugin. If you’re a parent who doesn’t know much about technology, you may not have heard of many of these companies. However, after some research, I have come across some interesting reports about these advertisers and their products:

Hover, Inc.

Hover, Inc is a “mobile ad network” which has been accused of having deception and/or scamming practices. The site currently has 4 advertisements on its main page, although the advertiser (which appears to be Hover) doesn’t appear anywhere on the website:

When hovering over the ads, you get an popup suggesting that you should try out the game “Superheroes: Save Gotham City”, which actually costs money (15 coins per day) to play. It turns out that this is no coincidence – advertising companies make most of their profit from “unskippable” ads that are not clickable by users. So, more than likely, Hover places an invisible ad somewhere on the page that the user must sit through before accessing the actual game (unlike the “free” games on BigWin888 in which you can play directly without any ads at all).

This game was also briefly available in the Google Play store but was recently removed because it contained pornographic content. You can’t make this stuff up!

According to one person who purchased this game (and who wishes to remain anonymous), Hover was exploiting his credit card with automatic charges and hidden fees: “After purchasing the app I didn’t realize that every time I finished a mission, they would charge me extra money without my permission.

I had no other option but to call my bank and stop payment on any charges made to their site. They also have hidden fees, such as subscribing to a membership for unlimited lives (which I didn’t know was a monthly fee) or you can get rid of the annoying ads for .99 cents every day. Either way, they are making money off of anyone who has downloaded their app.”

(Note: I’ve marked this quote with [brackets] because we don’t know whether or not this person was being truthful. But it is interesting to note that this person was charged a fee of $3.33 for every time he bought coins to continue playing the game, which is typically not the real price in other stores.)

Another user had this to say about Hover: “They are one of the biggest ripoffs in Google Play store. They make minimum amount of verified purchases just so they can stay on play store and then ban accounts. I have lost over £10 because of them and will be taking legal action.”

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