Which Race Is Strongest In The Fistfight?

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When it comes to playable races there are tank-like races that weigh half a ton, agile and athletic elves, beast-like worgen as well as many races that are somewhere in the middle. When it comes to unarmed combat a fistfight, a boxing match a mak’gora similar to the one from the Warcraft movie just without the cheating what race would absolutely dominate? I don’t think it is controversial to say that there is a considerable disparity in terms of physical strength between all of the play ableraces. 

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In terms of a fistfight without any weapons or magic, size plays a gigantic role and right at the start I would eliminate some races. Weight classes exist for a reason in any combat sport and there is just no way a 50 pound or 20 kg goblin or gnome would be able to do anything against a half-ton, 1000 lbs tauren. Also as these races are vastly different a fistfight is a very ambiguous term. The size of a taurens fist is as big as a goblin and I’m guessing their hand alone weighs more. 

Worgen, for example, have sharp claws and trolls have three fingers so these are obviously immensely different fists. As we are focusing on the average power ofa race and not individual skill main attributes are strength, agility and endurance. All races are somewhere between these extremes albeit some are the extremes. When it comes to pure strength the most obvious race is the tauren. If you remember Warcraft 3 these guys were literally monsters fighting with a tree trunk and even in wow they aren’t much smaller. 

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Tauren are on average about 10 feet so around3 meters tall and weigh anywhere from 400 to 1000 lbs, so from 200kgs to nearly half a tonne. It is important to note that we are talking this weight in almost pure muscle meaning that they must possess incredible strength. Now quite obviously tauren lack in terms of agility and endurance to an extent as it must take a ton of oxygen to move all that mass. Nonetheless, they don’t really need a lot of endurance as literally one single punch from a tauren can realistically kill a human in a fist fight. 

While it is possible to dodge them and counter punch its definitely not easy. Try dodging a 10 feet tall monster bull charging at you with ferocity and then punching him with enough strength to actually do some damage. Keep in mind you need a ton of your own physical power to actually hurt a tauren, better yet knock him out with a fist as these guys are literally tanks and I think only a few races would be able to accomplish that. 

Fighting a tauren is like fighting a bear,you could have the best technique possible but if the size difference is just too large it will barely matter. Because of that, I’m using the Tauren as the golden standard and this alone eliminates half of the playable races. The only ones I see being able to stand a chance would be orcs, kultirans, night elves, Pandaren, trolls, Worgen and the Draenei. Orcs are one of the most physically powerful races and also one of the most balanced. 

They are gigantic and strong but they are also decently agile and can possess good endurance. Also orcs are very diverse and can be small but can also be around 7-8 feet tall so around 230 cms and can weigh anywhere from 300-600lbs so between 150kg to nearly 300kg. Orcs are also naturally strong, as they descend from ogres and are taught combat from a very young age, possessing built-in aggressiveness. So while tauren are on average bigger than orcs it is entirely possible to see an orc larger than a tauren. 

Regardless an orc definitely possesses the power to fight a Tauren and could match him. He is higher in agility but lower in overall strength. Next we have the Kul’Tirans. They are humans genetically but are entirely different than the rest of their race. With an average height of 8 feet, around 240cms and weight around 400 lbs or 180 kg they are as big as an orc and on occasion larger. They do seem incredibly strong although orcs give the impression of being leaner than them so Kultirans might struggle more with endurance, but agility wise they should be on par with the orcs. 

As massive individuals I could see them going toe to toe with a tauren, being able to stand a chance but not really being stronger than them. Strength wise next we have the Draenei that are about as big as the kultirans and the orcs. They are physically powerful but I don’t see them being good in unarmed combat. In fist fighting, fast movement is of incredible importance and having hooves definitely doesn’t help that, they wouldn’t be able to back step easily, dodge or even generate as powerful a punch as an orc with hooves standing on two legs. 

Hooves do have use but not that much if you are bipedal. Now I know what you are saying, but the taurens also have hooves and yes you are right but tauren also weigh twice as much as a Draeneiand could just charge and swing in your general direction and destroy you, while the draenei don’t enjoy that much built-in power. The last strength-focused race is the pandaren. They are around the size as the previously mentioned races although they do weigh more on average. While they may seem like cute pandas they are actually bears with claws and a lot of power. 

We have seen their monks literally fighting against weapons and armor with their fists and I know we are not comparing classes here but these guys invented this fighting style as it was obviously efficient for their nature. Just through their fists the pandaren managed to overthrow the mogu. I think if the appropriate size they could go toe to toe with any of the previously mentioned races and it would all depend on the individual. Now let’s get into the races on the other extreme, agility. 

We have night elves and the trolls that both share a common heritage but are very diverse. Most don’t see night elves as physical power houses but they are indeed much more powerful than people give them credit for. They are between 7-8 feet tall, going up to2.5 meters and can weigh more than 300lbs or around 150kg. So they are not small whatever way you put it. However as they are lighter, they are also incredibly agile. Just your own character does a casual flip without breaking a sweat when jumping. 

They literally have a perfect fighters build,lean, athletic with long arms and lots of explosive power. While I’m not sure if they would be able to knock out a tauren with a single punch I think they are one of the few races that could pull off counter punches, slips and dodges. They are also one of the few races that have the minimum size requirements to be able to pull of any technique against the more powerful races. Really a tauren isn’t that much larger than a night elf, he just weighs more. 

Same could be said for the trolls but I’d place them even higher. For the dark spear I would say they are almost the same as the night elves. As only dark spear and the zandalari are playable will only mention them but ice trolls for are actually gigantic. In my opinion the Zandalari are one of the most perfect physical specimen when it comes to fighting. They are said to be a head taller than the darkspear. They are between 8-10 feet in height so upto 3 meters and are approximately around 300 lbs if not more so about 150kg. 

They are quite similar to the night elves in terms of agility but they are physically stronger. There are obviously differences in gender when it comes to the Zandalari but we have seen females lifting up males by their throat with a single hand so you can only imagine what a male could do. They are even said to be able to puncture metal breastplate with a punch which is not a simple feat. So these guys are definitely able to go toe to toe with a tauren. They might not have the same raw size but they possess quite a lot of power. Lastly there are the worgen. 

This honestly feels like cheating as if I was talking about a demon hunter and his performance but they are a playable race after all. Here’s the thing, Worgen are literally a killing machine and their own form is their weapon. Just their form without any armour would be able to destroy almost any race in melee, so their natural state is what would be a fistfight for another. They are around 8 feet tall, 2 and a half meters and weigh up to 150kgs, over 300lbs. However despite being gigantic their power doesn’t come from their size. 

They move incredibly fast, they can leap long distances, they have incredible reflexes and they have crazy sharp claws. Now if they were to not use claws that would weaken them significantly but they would still hold a lot of power. So what race is the strongest? To not make this a pointless article with an ambiguous ending where everyone is strong I will place the races in tiers. First-tier and the same spot really would be the tauren and the worgen. These guys are extremes of agility and strength, although worgen also have strength. 

A duel between these two would be incredibly unpredictable and would not be a pretty fight. Second-tier would trolls, pandaren and orcs. Trolls mainly talking about the Zandalarias they could go against the first tier, pandaren as bears are much like the worgen and the tauren are and are more beasts than humanoids. Orcs are also second tier as they are huge, very strong, explosive and incredibly aggressive. The final and the third tier would be night elves, kultirans and draenei. 

Night elves are similar to the Zandalari just smaller, Kultirans are similar to the orcs just with less endurance and in my opinion without the same beast-like ferocity as they are humans. Last would be the draenei as even though they have the size as the others they are really not that agile and I can’t see a draenei out manoeuevringa tauren, dodging his punches or worse yet a Worgen.

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