What’s The Secret Behind Acne Skin Treatment Cream?

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A question many a person has asked themselves, no doubt as they scour the shop shelves looking at all the different brands of skin treatment cream. If you’ve ever taken the time to look you will have seen that the vast array of face creams on offer most of which are from different manufacturers at different prices. You will also see an assortment of prices from throughout the different ranges, some priced to be more affordable, a mid-range and then, really expensive choices that don’t appear to offer any particular reason why they are prices so high, other than the packaging.

Marketing techniques

All product companies are essentially sales outfits, look at them as one big sales person giving constantly getting in your face trying to persuade you to buy something and the shop shelves is just the tip of the iceberg, hours upon hours of research have gone into the product such as Qr8 Mediskin’s acne treatment that catches your eye today. That research has then been turned into the development of the product that you see before you. The same imaging and branding will be used for a wide range of advertising purposes all the way form leaflets, sites such as social media and TV adverts are all part of the mix. You may not have been interested the first time you saw the product but, when presented with the same product, in a different way, suddenly, it might become attractive.

Intentional pricing range

The whole, low, medium and high-cost pricing structure didn’t happen by accident either, logic suggests that if you provide a low, medium and high-cost product you will sell more units. There are those that will always stick with the lowest cost, then there are those who will always want to go for gold convinced that additional health benefits are to be had. The great thing with a 3-tier pricing system is that, every customer should feel that their purchasing needs have been met.

This type of sales technique has been around for a long time the idea has been put in to action across businesses worldwide now for a number of years and has seen them boost sales the sales price is carefully calculated in order to encourage more, mid-range customers. Click here for foods that help eyesight, which we should all read.

What’s the difference?

As it happens, many a survey suggests that there isn’t actually much of a difference at all, it’s more down to engaging customers that are categorized into different purchased habits, they even suggest that there isn’t much of a difference between the different brands, apart from the packaging so, cost is almost irrelevant as long as the cream you buy has the essential ingredients for your needs.
Next time you are shopping, try the low-end product, you can see for yourself when you start to use the cream that there probably isn’t anything to warrant paying out for the super expensive shiny packaged ‘high end’ product. If you are looking for something truly unique and worth the extra money then, you should probably speak with a local skin care team that can provide you a service of advice and care as well as providing bespoke products according to your skin type.

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