What We Got Wrong About Hair Tattoo

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“Hair tattoos: the novel idea that’s made its way into our cultural consciousness and beyond.”

It is a little known fact that Hair tattoo the permanent ink applied to the area just below your ear – was not invented until 1938. One of its earliest appearances is in Life magazine, which described women, from various regions of Africa to Brazil, who were “decked out from head to foot in tattooed body markings”. These designs ranged from crosses and flowers to geometric patterns and tribal masks. In modern times, “hair tattoos have been adopted by artists such as Alexander McQueen,” Chanel Iman,” and Rihanna.

But of course that isn’t all there is to this interesting tattoo idea. The art of hair tattooing, on permanent body parts – especially eyebrows, eyelashes, chest, abdomen, back and shoulders – is not only still practiced in tribal regions of Africa and South America but has become an inexpensive way to draw on the line between so-called traditional cultures and the modern world.

The cuteness of hair tattooing stems from its ability to differentiate between cultural groups while also being cosmetically elegant. It is a form of cultural self-display that allows individuals to express both “affluence” and “obscurity”. When choosing your hair tattoo, it is important to remember that quality is key. Make sure you are using safe ink that will not be harmful to your body. If you are really interested in having a hair tattoo, try contacting a shop in your area that specializes in this sort of work. While it may seem like the best time to get a hair tattoo is when you are young, there are other groups who enjoy the art form after they have reached adulthood . It has become increasingly common for women in their 30s and 40s to embrace this trend. Although whether or not people will still want to get this trendy style when they grow older remains to be seen.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hair tattoo is the placement of the design. This is basically the face, genital area, chest, back or shoulders you are interested in having permanently etched on your skin. Once that has been decided, it’s time to consider what you want your design to say about your personality. Are you outgoing or more reserved? Do you have a strong sense of identity? If you are uncertain about where on your body to place the tattoo, it might be best to go for something simple. If you are adventurous and willing to take risks with your hair tattoo, try out some of the designs listed below.

What We Got Wrong About Hair Tattoo:

First: While hair tattooing is an ancient and time-honored practice in some primitive tribes, it was not invented until 1938. It may be fun to look up at our tribal neighbors and say, “Do you remember the days before we got tattooed?” but that’s like saying that people used to wear fedoras.

Second: Hair tattoos are not simply decorative symbols. The designs created on the human body by women from various regions of Africa and South America were diverse enough to be considered fully-fledged art forms.

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