What to do and not to do when writing a demand letter

writing a demand

Are you tired of going back and forth, asking for money that was owed to you before Orange Is The New Black even became a thing? The awkward apologies and empty promises to pay back what is owed to you are most likely making you regret being the good Samaritan that you have always prided yourself to be.

Lending out anything, even nonmonetary objects is a bit of a tedious and stress-inducing process oftentimes when it gets to the part where you request for your thing back. There is no need to go through another moment of awkwardness because the solution is simple and very legal, a demand letter. A demand letter will surely erase any bout of regret from your memories and help you to bring back your possessions.

What Is a Demand Letter?

This is a simple yet important and professional document that is written on your behalf by your legal representative and sent to the person who (usually) owes you to request for them to pay you back. The payment can be made either in full or an agreement of payment terms can be agreed upon. This is just another way to settle a matter without the fuss that comes with taking someone to court. Ideally, the person in the wrong agrees to the terms and conditions, pays you back your money and everyone laughs over the silliness of it all over a cold bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial. Ideally being the keyword.

How To Write a Demand Letter (Without Being Demanding)

To demand attention means that you influence utilizing clamor and authoritatively so, but with a demand letter that isn’t quite the right approach to doing things. You have to use a polite tone in your letter and make sure that you are concise and specific about your demands. Don’t leave out the repercussions of noncompliance because this sets the tone for what’s to come if you are not taken seriously.

What Not To Do

Please do not use any offensive language, especially language that could be mistaken for defamatory comments. This is just a way to safeguard your claim should the matter end up in court and a judge has to decide on the outcome. As tempting as it may be to throw in a few statements to convey your frustration, it’s best to just go to the gym and use a punching bag to let it all out.

Advantages of Demands

A demand letter will always be a good decision whether you take the matter to court or not because it is a documented paper trail trial for whenever you want proof of your claim. It helps to organize your case by being sufficient evidence to prove your rightful ownership of the disputed thing. Having a demand letter will always work in your favor because it will always increase your chances of winning. So, if your neighbor still hasn’t paid you even after promising you last Christmas, serving them with a demand letter could be the last resort but just be ready to move to another state after receiving your long overdue payment. 

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