What to Do After a Motor Accident? Things You Should Know

Motor Accident
Motor Accident

Highway accidents are more common than most people realize. Even though no one wishes for an accident, it sometimes happens, leaving victims traumatized. Accidents could be minor or significant, and one must bear many things in mind after an accident. 

Chances are you will have to deal with various injuries that warrant going to the hospital. In extreme cases, victims often deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which affects their mental health. You might also be faced with the hefty bill of vehicle repair and hospital, which might wreak havoc on your finances. 

Motor Accident 3
Motor Accident 3

However, there are several things you can do after an accident to make the process easy for you. From contacting the right lawyer to getting yourself to safety, arming yourself with the proper safety tips is essential. 

Here are some essential things to do after an accident. 

Contact an Auto Accident Lawyer

A car accident is usually traumatic, with damage to the vehicle and severe injuries. This leaves the victim with hefty car repair and medical bills. Yet, this is not fair if someone else was guilty of the accident. 

However, you might not be fit to get justice when you are busy fighting for your life. As a result, hiring an accident attorney will go a long way to ensure you get the justice that you need. Such attorneys will help you get the required help and compensation to cover expenses incurred. 

The presence of an auto accident attorney in a car injury will be beneficial for your situation.

Ensure Everyone is Safe

After an accident, all parties’ safety should be the priority. Before arguing about who is at fault, ensure everyone is off harm’s way. Here are some precautions to take:

  • Turn on the emergency flasher, and erect the rectangular caution
  • Call 911 for major accidents, especially if there are casualties. This way, help in the form of an ambulance, and the police will arrive at the scene on time. For minor accidents, however, call the police for the police report. 
  • Dial the non-emergency police hotline that takes care of minor accidents 

The overall safety of everyone involved in the accident should be paramount. As a result, taking the proper safety precautions should be a priority. 

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Get in Touch With Your Insurance Firm

Your insurance firm needs to be aware of the accident. Try and get in touch with the insurance firm as early as possible, as it is always best to be the first to contact the insurance firm. Besides, avoid allowing the other driver or their insurance firm to make a report before you. 

Your insurance firm should know the details of the accident as soon as possible to make it easy for them to file a claim for you. Also, an insurance assessor might be sent to the scene to analyze it. 

Even if it is a minor accident, ensure your insurance company is aware as soon as possible. Your insurance contract might have a stipulated time to be notified of such occurrences, and violating such terms might jeopardize your contract. 

Contacting your insurance firm is essential to your protection as well. When an accident happens at times, especially seemingly minor ones, it doesn’t come with noticeable effects. The pains and other injuries might spring up later, which you might need to report to the insurance firm. 

Besides, the other party involved in the accident might choose to pursue legal action against you, depending on how the accident happened. You might be denied coverage if you do not report to the insurance firm on time. 

Exchange Information

One of the most important steps after an accident is to exchange critical information. Ensure you exchange information with another driver and passengers that are part of the accident. You should collect their name, driver’s license data, phone numbers, contact address, vehicle make, model, color, license plate number, auto insurance information, etc. 

Even though the officer at the accident scene will ask for such information, having it will not hurt. It might help if you file a lawsuit against the guilty party. 

Document the Accident Scene 

After getting everyone to safety, ensure to document the scene as early as possible. Use your smartphone to take the stage pictures, as it might be handy if you file a claim. 

You need to record all damage to your vehicle, the entire accident scene, and injuries that you or anyone might have. Besides, get a report from witnesses at the accident scene. 

Picture evidence is essential and primal to demonstrating damages to a car in an accident. Try and get someone to take the picture for you if you can’t but ensure it is done before leaving the scene.  

Get Yourself Out of Danger

If you are without injury, or your injury is minor, try and get yourself, the vehicle, and other parties involved to safety. Try and get the car away from the main road if you can. Keep the hazard light on, with the reflective triangle light set up to warn oncoming vehicles. 

 For severe crashes with people injured, let them be. It is a bad idea to move injured people, especially if there is a fracture and other major injuries.

Overall, be careful when disembarking from the vehicle. Ensure you are in your right senses and are thinking straight. Otherwise, wait for help. 

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One must take several precautions to remain safe and sane after an accident. This article has explored several things one can do after an accident.

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