What is the CVV of credit cards and why do not some sites ask for it?

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If you are one of the regular online transaction users, you must have heard about CVV Code. The CVV seeks to promote the continuous obtaining of information by the client, all this before carrying out any digital transaction. This is intended to reduce and control the number of fraudulent movements.

Since to carry out the operations, the code must be provided correctly. That is necessary to have it at the time of the transaction, which, as we already know, is printed at the back of the card.

CVV strengthens card security:

The CVV Code is used to reinforce security in the use of bank cards. It serves to show that the person making the purchase has the card in their possession and not just the number. 

The flat printing of the code on the card makes it difficult to achieve by carbon copies or any other system because it does not leave a mark when used. 

Thus, if the card has been cloned, it cannot be used because, although it has the card number, the CVV2 does not appear. These numbers are not in the information on the magnetic stripe or in the purchase receipts or invoices paid with the card.

It is important never to provide this code by email to prevent it from being used fraudulently. That is, even if we have the card number, the pin, or the expiration date, which are the data that are usually requested, the purchase cannot be completed if this code is not entered.

Additional validation methods to CVV:

There are also other validation methods in addition to the CVV Code when making online purchases to ensure that the card is used by the cardholder. 

The 3D Secure Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code system reinforces the security of the operation. Because, in addition to the card number, the expiration date, and the CVV, it requests additional information to validate the payment. 

It can be a password or a numeric key that is sent to the cardholder’s mobile phone. It is necessary to type this password to complete the operation.

In any case, when we make purchases online, the first thing we must check is that they are secure pages, that is, that they are https and have a padlock that verifies it. And if in doubt, search for information on the website before providing any personal information.

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