What Is Advantages Of Staying In Villas In Paxos?

Staying In Villas In Paxos
Staying In Villas In Paxos

Finally you have decided to go for holiday on the Paxos Island in Greece with your family, but you are not sure where to stay. Because based on your research about Paxos, one thing which you have known is that it is the smallest island in Greece and does not have much for the tourists to do, except enjoying the peaceful environment and enjoying the iconic view of the surrounding areas. 

Staying In Villas In
Staying In Villas In

Interestingly, despite being small in the size the island has lots of villas that play an important role in offering comfortable accommodation to the tourists on the Paxos Island. This might be a new experience for you because instead of hotels you will have to stay in the villas which are almost same as your home and offer you the same comfort and relaxation as you have been enjoying in your home. If you are concerned about their charges than interestingly they are priced according to your convenience and do not affect much to your pocket.

Some of the benefits for staying in the villas in Ionian Island are mentioned below:

Freedom of using the facilities: 

Although, in hotels you are offered lots of services, but then you are also allowed to utilize those services according to their schedule or your turn depending upon the number of people staying in that hotel. Thus, you do not have the freedom of using the facilities like swimming pool, play court or gym according to your requirement. On the contrary as you are the owner of the villa as a whole for the time you stay there, you have the freedom of using all the facilities according to your convenience without any concern of time limit or number of the visitors..



Staying In Villas Paxos

As the hotels are visited by lots of people there are chances that you might not be able to enjoy the privacy that you are looking for. But living in the villas offer you the privilege of retaining your privacy without any disturbance. Thus, you are free to stay according to your wish.


Staying in villas offer you safety from unexpected visitors who could move in your room. Especially your kids are free to play in the villa like their home without any concern of being disturbed by the unknown persons.


In hotels you do not have the freedom of organizing a small party to celebrate any occasion, but as there is nobody in your villa except your family and friends, you can organize the party and enjoy without any concern of disturbing others or being disturbed by others.


As the hotels offer common facilities to all the visitors their charges are mainly high and therefore sometimes unwillingly the visitors have to pay for the services which they have not even used. But, this is not in the villas, depending upon your requirement you can ask for the services that you need.

These are some of the advantages of staying the villas that are not enjoyed while living in a hotel.

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