What Factors Should You Consider Before Selecting a Bulk SMS Provider?

Bulk SMS Provider
Bulk SMS Provider

Choosing an SMS Marketing Company for your business requires more than just comparing the price. The success of your bulk SMS campaign can depend on the services your vendor offers you.

You need to consider factors such as delivery rate, security features, and customization features for your campaign before you opt for a bulk SMS provider. Additionally, you should also lookout for any kind of hidden changers or limitations you might face later on. That’s why small business owners buy a second phone number as this benefits mainly on the marketing of the business.

You might think that saving small chunks of money while choosing a cheaper provider, you should understand that the services will have a similar kind of effect. You might run into issues that you did not expect originally. This can lead to more cost at the end and can even lead to losing your customers.

Here are some important factors that you should consider before selecting a bulk SMS vendor for your business.

Delivery Rates

You should always consider the kind of delivery rate a vendor promises you. You need to focus on the maximum amount of deliveries for each campaign. A vendor who offers such services will have the best delivery services and have low latencies for all of your messages.

It is not uncommon for most of the bulk SMS provider to take services from the same operator. Since most of them have a rudimentary gateway for messages, there are often a lot of glitches when it comes to connectivity. This can result in most of your messages being delayed or even get lost in the transition.

Delivery Reports

Your vendor should offer your detailed authentic reports for each campaign you ran. It can help you measure your accurate reach. YOu should always be aware that there are vendors that offer you fake delivery reports while offering you really cheap prices for their services.

Personalized Campaigns

Look for a vendor that offers you the ability to customize your bulk SMS campaigns. These personalized campaigns are known to have better results compared to plain and simple bulk SMS campaigns. You should aim to offer campaigns that your customer will love.


When talking about cost here, it does not mean the price of each SMS you will send but the fee that you will need to join and run campaign via a vendor. You should check whether there is some additional fee that you will need to pay the vendor.

Also, consider going through their packages properly and look for any kind of hidden fee that might not be apparent at first glance. Being aware of such prices is necessary so that you do not exceed your budget for the campaign.

User friendly

When choosing a bulk SMS to provide, you need to consider how user friendly it is. This is one aspect that most of the businesses tend to overlook and then end up wasting money changing to another one.


Being able to integrate your SMS service with your website or your mobile app can be really efficient for your business. This is why you should look for an SMS provider who is offering you such a feature.


There is no point in running a campaign if it is only limited to a small number of locations. Make sure that you choose a service provider that will offer global bulk SMS delivery features.


It might not look like it but it is not as simple as just choose and benefit process when it comes to SMS providers, make sure you consider these tips while selecting Bulk SMS service provider in India.

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