What Are the Different Types of Sand Used for Construction?

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For years now sand has been one of the primary materials used in the construction of buildings. When you start looking, you will find many different types of sand that offer various levels of strength and rigidity to buildings. In this article, we take a look at the different types of sand for construction that are readily available to builders.

Concrete Sand

One of the most common types of sand that can be found in a lot of places easily since it requires concrete to be crushed to achieve the final material. This is a pretty common material used in construction in India. 

The process of getting this sand includes crushing the concrete in a quarry, then filtering out the large rock and fragments from the sand. Once it is filtered, it can be mixed with cement and water. This is one of the main ingredients used for levelling base layers or walking paths in a lot of places. Apart from the above uses, it is also helpful in filling voids.

The reason it needs to be mixed with cement and water is to achieve the final solid mass product. Compared to crushed stone sand, the final result has much smaller grains which makes it ideal for construction purposes.

Pit Sand

Compared to other types, pit sand has one of the best binding properties when it comes to construction. This type of sand is found by digging two to three-meter under the ground and is usually very coarse in general. This can be found naturally compared to other types that need to be fine-tuned to used for construction. 

It has rough and sharp grains which help with great binding properties. Pit sand usually appears red-orange because it contains iron oxide in it. One of the best properties is that it doesn’t get affected bu the moisture which is mainly due to the absence of salts in it and hence offers a much more rigid construction outcome.

River Sand

One of the most common types of sand, that is usually found near the river banks, it is also known as the natural sand. The river sand appears white greyish in colour and amongst one of the preferred type of sand used for construction purposes for a long time. This type of sand is also great for plastering and other types of block works. 

Compared to other sand types, this has a much smoother texture and the shape of its grains are better as well. Because of its various qualities, it doesn’t require much water to be used for construction. 

The main reason behind this is the fact that it contains moisture between its particles that make it one of the best for concrete usage. For cost-effective purposes, choosing river sand should be the best choice for builders. 

But it should also be noted that it can contain silica content in it which needs to be checked before using it in construction. Keeping the silica content below five per cent should be ideal for river sand constructions.

Manufactured Sand

Also commonly known as M-Sand it is one of the best construction materials that is used today. This is not naturally obtained and needs to be constructed in a factory. This is a great alternative to river sand and has a much better quality compared to others. 

M-sand offers higher strength properties due to the angular grain particles present in them. But it does require more water compared to other types of sand during construction. Since sand manufacturers obtain this artificially, silt particles are absent.

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