What Are Nicotine Salts, And How Do You Use Them?

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Vaping continues to be a popular smoking alternative for consumers everywhere. With interest in vaping products in full swing, companies are constantly implementing new devices and changes to e-juices, battery life, etc. Whether you’re looking for a unique flavor, the best supplies, or vapes with greater power, options are available for whatever you’re looking for. Among these options are salt nicotine, nicotine base, and acids. 

Nicotine salts are naturally in tobacco and, therefore, cigarettes. When blended, a solution of salt nicotine is created, allowing for a reduction in throat hit while delivering a greater strength of nicotine. Standard e-juices use freebase nicotine to create e-juices. The inhale harshness is much more significant due to the PH resting around 7-8. A high PH means the nicotine is highly alkaline, causing the vaper to experience a harsh throat hit as they inhale. 

The nicotine strength is weaker in freebase nicotine than in nicotine salts because of the aforementioned effects of high alkalinity. Scientists refer to nicotine salt as “nic salts”; this regards the chemical terminology as opposed to the table salt you might have been thinking of. For e-juices based on freebase nicotine alone, the PH is carefully controlled by limiting the strength of nicotine within the e-juice. With nicotine salts used as a base, not only is the hit smoother for the vaper, but the blood absorption rate is much faster. 

The e-liquids from nicotine salts provide a nearly instantaneous hit for those looking for an effective cigarette alternative. The mimicking experience of a cigarette makes it easier for those transitioning from smoking to vaping. Consider the information below to learn more about nic salts and how to use them. 

How To Use Nic Salts 

Keep in mind that to vape nicotine salts, the devices to inhale the liquid will differ from standard vapes and freebase nicotine. The greater the nicotine strength, the more likely you’ll need to use a low-powered device. For high strengths of nicotine salts, it is recommended to use low-powered devices. The vaper and flavor may be too overwhelming in higher-powered devices when the nic salt e-juice is very strong

What To Look For In Vaping Products 

Some companies are moving away from using disposable devices to contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, some nic salts are healthier than others. Look for companies that comply with safety standards and sell their nic salt e-liquids. 

When shopping for the best vaping products, look for e-liquids with the least amount of chemicals. In this way, you’ll get all the enjoyment of a cigarette without all the stuff you don’t want. Nicotine that includes the full range of nicotinic alkaloids minus these chemicals provides a healthier vaping experience. 

Upgrade Your Vaping Experience 

If you’re ready to improve your vaping experience, consider using nic salts rather than standard freebase nicotine products. For a smoother and faster hit, nic salts can provide you with everything enjoyable about cigarettes, without the added chemicals and adverse effects. 

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