Utility Storages and Designer Tissue Boxes for a Neat and Clean Home

Tissue Boxes

Keeping a home neat, clean and organised can be an arduous task. It needs time, care, regular attention, and the right tools. In this regard, designer utility storages offer a great way to keep your home both tidy and beautiful.

Bring on your home decor ideas with catchalls that are equally attractive and useful. This includes wooden boxes that look like mini treasure trunks, designer tissue boxes, ceramic jars accented with embossed details, brass boxes with conveniently hinged lids, wooden boxes with velvet interiors, glass boxes with minimal metallic frames, and much more.

Utility Storage Takes Many Forms

Here are some common types of utility storage that aid in smoothly organising objects around the house:

  • Jewellery boxes crafted from wood, ceramic and metal, including little drawer sets for rings and earrings and bangle boxes with rod frames, help you keep the dressing table and cabinets clear. All your accessories are neatly arranged and protected inside specially designed boxes with soft, velvet-lined interiors.
  • Decorative magazine holders, most often made of wood, are stylish additions to your furniture. These beautifully carved pieces often come with a handle on top for convenience and are a great way to organise magazines and newspapers and keep the coffee table free for a centrepiece and coasters. Hanging baskets and tiered shelves help in similar ways in this context.
  • Desk organisers maintain neat lines on the study table, make the space easy to clean, and help you concentrate on the task at hand. These storage items contain multiple compartments for different kinds of stationery.
  • Designer jars, canisters, and spice boxes make culinary activities easier. They come in convenient materials like steel and ceramic for easy maintenance and feature vibrant colours. Keep tea, coffee, nuts, cookies, pulses, grains and more with utility storage items that add warmth to your kitchen and dining space.
  • Staying hygienic is a delightful experience with designer bathroom sets: elegant pieces in marble and ceramic that hold toothbrushes, tubes, soaps, creams and toiletry bottles. 

The Appeal of Designer Tissue Boxes

The tissue is part and parcel of our daily lives. Since these are personal hygiene items, it’s important to store tissues in spaces safe from dust. It must also be easy to pull each one out of its compartment easily so that the next piece is protected from dirty fingers.

Designer tissue boxes are lightweight, handy, and prove more than an efficient and appropriate way to store tissues. They also beautify the countertop on which they are kept.

You’ll find tissue boxes designed in wood, veneer, leather (and faux leather), compositions including wood and resin, and other materials. Some are hand-painted and others have embroidered silk cushioned exteriors. Some also have tiny legs for height and support. Designer tissue boxes are ideal in bedrooms, bathrooms, common living rooms, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Discover Luxe Products

For high-end designer utility storages and tissue boxes, you can check out Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Jaypore, Tata CliQ Luxury, and similar luxury shopping platforms.

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