Tips for Buying the Best Tudor Watch in Singapore

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Buying your first Tudor watch can be overwhelming. There are many aspects to consider, including price point, metal type, fit, color, and more. This guide will walk you through the basics of what to look for in a Tudor watch and how to shop for one online. The following are Tips for Buying the Best Tudor Watch in Singapore:

Check the Accuracy of the Movement

A Tudor watch has to make perfect time, every single time. Fortunately, Tudor uses a well-known Quartz movement developed by famous Swiss watchmaking company ETA. So you can take your Tudor watch to a professional jeweler for service and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For a simple adjustment only, consult your nearest jeweler for prices.

Generally, the accuracy of the movements is good enough for casual use (I personally have owned all three models and have not had any issues). However, if you intend to wear your watch on important occasions (e.g. to a formal dinner), it is recommended to get your watch adjusted by a professional in order to optimize the accuracy.

Decide on a Budget and Style

The price of Tudor watches increases as you go up, but you shouldn’t worry – they are all worth their price, and then some!

For the first few weeks or months, consider going with a less expensive model of Tudor Watch in Singapore that has just the basic functions. This will let you get used to wearing a watch again before investing in a more complicated model. It’s also good to keep at least $100-200 for emergencies in case your watch stops working or gets stolen.

Consider Your Usage

Tudor watches are pretty popular in Singapore because of their versatility. They can be worn to clubs, dinners, and when dressing up for formal occasions. Being a more affordable luxury brand, Tudor watches are also great gifts for friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Don’t Skimp on the Strap

If you buy a cheap strap for your watch, it will never sit right on your wrist. The orientation will be off and it’ll look tacky and unprofessional. Try not to scrimp on the strap too – invest in a good leather one that goes with your outfit or looks good with your leather belt! It’ll be worth the money.

Check out the warranty and authenticity of your chosen model

The best way to avoid any future problems is to buy an authentic watch. Not only will it last a lot longer (replica watches are never as durable and of good quality as the genuine articles), but it will also come with a two-year warranty. Be sure to check for the manufacturer’s logo engraved on your watch (usually on the back), which will indicate its authenticity.

Tudor watches are awesome watches! They will not matter your chosen lifestyle and budget, a Tudor watch will suit you. It is definitely recommended to buy a replica watch especially when you have so many options available online. If you find yourself strapped for cash, wait until you have some extra cash and then splurge on something that is worth the price tag.

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