There are sixteen aspects of NBA 2K23 that you absolutely must be aware of

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2K Games and Visual Concepts are hard at work on a new NBA 2K game, which is expected to be released in the near future.

Protect the Athletes

The version for this year features not one, not two, but four different athletes on the cover. Lastly, there is the WNBA Edition, which features Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird but is only available at GameStop in the United States and Canada due to a distribution agreement.

Jordan Challenges Return

The Jordan Challenges from NBA 2K11 are back, coinciding with Michael Jordan’s return as a cover athlete for the game.

MyCareer is back with new episodes of The City and Cruise.

MyCareer is another mode, and it is one that requires more specific information. To make a long story short, The City is making a comeback for the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 versions, and it will feature an entirely new city for players to explore along with brand-new arenas and courts. The Cruise will be made available once more for previous-generation versions (as well as the PC, unfortunately), allowing players to compete on the courts of a cruise liner and earn rewards while also going on shore excursions. It has been described as a “swashbuckling basketball journey,” which may imply pirates; however, before getting your hopes up, it is best to wait until more information is provided. This year promises to bring about significant changes, beginning with the introduction of new Pro Stick combos. A simple flick of the stick enables players to perform double throws and switchbacks, in addition to new commands for metered skill dunks. Players of the current generation also have the advantage of physics-based rim hangs, which give you control over when and for how long a player continues to hang from the rim after a dunk. When attempting an explosive sprint, the player will use up a boost, and once all of their boosts have been used, their speed and acceleration will decrease. Because each player only has access to three boosts per possession, it is essential that they know when to make the most of the ones they do have. The fact that each signature jump has its own set of shooting stats adds a new layer of tactical depth to shooting situations. As a consequence of this, NBA 2K23 includes a total of five Shot Meters, with an additional 15 Shot Meters being made available in post-launch Seasons throughout the following year.” Shot arcs are also used to indicate when a player’s timing is off by being too early, too late, or just right for the situation.

AI Improvements

This year, the artificial intelligence has also been improved, both in terms of its understanding of defender positions and in terms of its ability to mix up drive attempts. A new signature AI attack system has also been implemented, and it provides each star with a package of four signature attack combinations. These combinations can be either four sets of individual moves or two sets of combo moves. As if that weren’t enough, artificial intelligence coaches are also getting smarter. They are now able to track efficiency across a wide variety of metrics, as well as perform pre-game match-up evaluations and more.

Redesigned Takeover of the Team

The Team Takeover system has been revised so that it now requires collaboration from every member of the team in order to succeed. Every time a player turns in a strong performance, they add to the total that goes into the Team Takeover meter, which triggers an action of its own once it is completely full. The primary and secondary takeovers will continue to function in the same manner; however, the team takeovers will now involve more of a collaborative effort on the part of all players rather than simply filling up each individual takeover meter. Being able to accurately predict which zone the ball handler will attack now makes it possible to either cut them off or force them to fumble the ball.


MyTeam, a feature that has appeared in a large number of previous titles, is back in NBA 2K23 with an expanded set of customization options that allow players to create their ideal team. This time around, one can recruit players from any era, giving them the opportunity to add some legendary athletes to their team (including, of course, Devin Booker and Michael Jordan). You are now able to test builds in a 3v3 environment in addition to the 5v5 environment that was previously available. Therefore, if a build is capable of meeting the requirements, the character will be able to equip that animation without any problems. There are now a total of 16 badges available for each attribute category, with Tier 1 offering eight badges, Tiers 2 and 3 offering four badges each, and Tier 4 offering none. If you are successful in completing the challenges associated with a Badge, however, you will be able to utilize that Badge in the Core Badge slot. Badges have also been subject to a number of changes, including the removal of several, including Limitless Spot-Up, Hook Specialist, and others. Slithery has also been updated to make it simpler to avoid collisions and gather in traffic. You can anticipate these same configuration options on the PlayStation 5 (PS5).

PC Requirements

PC players will be required to have a minimum of 4 gigabytes of random access memory, an Intel Core i3-2100 processor running at 3.60 GHz or higher, and either a GeForce 1GB Radeon HD 7770 1 GB or higher graphics card. The Core i5-4430 running at 3 GHz or the AMD FX-8370 running at 3.1 GHz and 64-bit support are the recommended requirements. The Michael Jordan Edition can be purchased for $99.99 and comes with the base game as well as additional content such as 100,000 Virtual Currency, 10,000 MyTeam Points (buy it today), 10 MyTeam Tokens, MyTeam Cards for a Sapphire Devin Booker and Ruby Michael Jordan, and 23 MyTeam Promo Packs, of which 10 are available at launch along with an Amethyst topper pack and two are given away each week for six weeks.99, and it features many of the same advantages as the Michael Jordan Edition does

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