The Ultimate Checklist for Fall Cleanup

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Before the cold season sets in, it’s wise to get your home ready in time. There are lots to do and it’s best to start soon. With a checklist at hand, it’ll all be much easier. You could cross off one point after another and take care of one every day. Some fall chores don’t require as much time as you might think. Before you end up on the long waiting list, schedule a pickup for any junk you come across.

Start Inside

Most people start their fall cleanup outside, but a nice garden won’t help you much if you don’t take care of the most important things for winter: things that keep you warm.

Give your fireplace and chimneys an inspection and a sweep. As soon as soot builds up in your fireplace, it’ll be harder to clean. You may have forgotten about it at the end of last winter. Inspect your chimney and give it a sweep to avoid the build-up of creosote which can cause accidental fires. 

Don’t forget to check gas logs and clan the furnace of your heating system. Make sure it’s switched off when you give the combustion chamber and the fan chamber a wipe with a wet cloth. Have a look if there are any holes that could leak carbon monoxide. Consider replacing filters of your air conditioning, too, to benefit from better air quality.

Get Your Garden Ready for the Winter

Now that you’ve made sure that you won’t freeze, you can go ahead in your garden. Rake the leaves that have already fallen as well as foliage. Otherwise, you’re providing a perfect home for pests. Put them onto your compost or use them to prepare Hugelkultur beds for the next year. Should you be unable to use them for either, you can call a junk removal to get the stuff out of your way.

Dethatch, aerate, and fertilize your lawn. By the way, you can also use fallen leaves as fertilizer. To do so, you can leave them on the lawn, but have to mow it once more. As you mow, the leaves will be shredded and provide you with a perfect natural fertilizer.

Clear out shrubs and plants that haven’t made it this year. It doesn’t look nice to have dead plants in your garden, so you can prep their spot for new plants next year.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning gutters and checking them to remove the trash is one of the most overlooked tasks. If they’re full of leaves, your gutters will spill with the next heavier rainfall. As the rainwater can’t flow off, it will spill right next to your foundation. 

This, in turn, can damage your foundation and cause structural damages to your home as well as cause water damages. You know perfectly well how quickly water damage leads to mold. Once that happens, you’ll need a thorough clean-up and renovation of your home. Therefore, it’s best to take care of your gutters. Over time, gutters can break and also create spills. So clean them out and check if they’re still intact. 

Empty Your Pool

Unless you’ve got a cover for your pool or jacuzzi, drain them now. You’re unlikely to go for a swim in deep winter. Make sure any exposed pipes and faucets are winterized to save yourself the trouble of expensive repairs. If you decide to let go of your jacuzzi, you might as well do it now. It’ll only collect dirt over winter and remain a thorn in your side until next year. Junk removal services will help you to get rid of it without any trouble.

Inspect Your House

It’s great that your heating system and AC will be up and running, but it won’t help if your house needs repairs. Always inspect your roof for loose shingles or cracks. Have a look at your foundation, whether it needs repairs, and make sure no mice or other rodents could set up shop underneath your home. 

Check your windows if they’re well-sealed and apply some additional caulking if necessary. You could also switch them out for triple insulated windows for better heat efficiency. 

Make Your Home Cozy

Just before winter, you may want to consider replacing old carpet. A new carpet will make your home a lot cozier. If you don’t have time for it, ask a junk removal service for help. They often also do carpet removals and take care of the disposal. 

Since you’d have to move the furniture away for that endeavor, you can couple it with a nice decluttering. It would be to get your home ready for holiday visitors. Pull out anything you haven’t used in a year and get rid of it.

Put away the summer clothes

Sadly, summer is over. It’ll return next year and to make space in your closet, it’s advisable to shift your clothes around. Check your summer clothes for any items you haven’t worn this summer and let go of them. 

Box up the remaining and take out the fall/winter ones. Maybe you’d like to go through those, too, for clothes you’re unlikely to wear again. You could try to sell them or donate them to people in need. To make this process more efficient, you can also give it to junk removal services. They always give stuff to charities they’ve partnered with that’s still good to use (or wear).

Parting Words on Fall Junk Removal

A lot of people call junk removal services in the fall, and before you know it, they are all booked out. To avoid ending up on a waiting list, schedule a junk collection with them in time. It can also help you to stick to your fall clean schedule. Junk removal would be your goal with a set day. 

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