The Seven Emotional Stages of Getting Your First Post Published

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    I think it is fair to say that everyone remembers their first time. How could you not? It is just the most surreal and amazing experience ever!

    For anyone that blogs, you surely know which “first time” I am referring to. It is the first time that you are accepted by a blog/publication. You are going to be published! Yay! It is pure magic. It also invokes a lot of different emotions. Here are just some of my faves:


    “You like me! You really, really like me!”

    It is such a high to finally be accepted by an editor. This achievement is made even sweeter if you have been pitching the piece for a long time.

    You love your editor for loving your work. In fact, you may want to marry her. She believed in you before anyone else did. You are forever indebted to this person you never met. If you haven’t already, you proclaim to the world that her blog is the best blog ever in the history of blogs. Yes, it feels quite good indeed.


    Okay, so once the euphoria dies down a bit, the worrying starts. Will people even like my essay? Or are you going to have to deal with a bunch of trolls in the comment section? It doesn’t matter that you know that they are probably a bunch of 18 year old boys typing from their mom’s basement. What if they are right this time and your blogging career ends before it even started?

    There are also other issues. What if a similar post goes live a day before on another blog? Then everyone will think you are thief! There goes that dream of finally being on the NY Times best seller list!

    You also can’t forget Aunt Edna. She just joined Facebook and will be reading this too. Will she be offended by your use of the ‘f’ word? You only used it about 100 times in the post and it was to make a very important point. Will she understand? Or will she disown you? What about the rest of the family? Will they disown you too? It is at this stage you realize that you may not have thought this through. You end up just hoping for the best and praying that Aunt Edna and the trolls don’t make you cry.


    So, the editor said that your post is set to go live on July 27th. That is two months from now! How are you supposed to make it until then? Also, when she said 11:00 AM, did she mean 11:00 AM eastern time? What if your post goes live at 5 in the morning and you are not the first to see it? You are worried as you heard that it is a bad time for the trolls and they will rip it apart before you even get a chance to see it. What if they forget about your post completely? In this case, there is really only one solution: You can’t sleep for the next eight weeks.


    What if your editor figures out that she made a mistake? Did you even read the e-mail right? Is this really happening? Finally? What if you get a message from her tomorrow that your post is getting bumped because one of the Kardashian’s decided to get married? Or have a baby? With that family, you never know. Thunder Stealers brand! By the way, you wonder if any of the Kardashian’s will read the post. Your money is on Khloe.


    According to the calendar, July 27th falls on a Wednesday. Is that a good day for posts? What about the timing? Will everyone be out to lunch and completely miss it? Will it get lost in their feeds? In that case, should you wait until the evening to share? What about tags? Will friends and family be pissed or glad you thought of them? What are the rules about posting in your Facebook groups? Are there any? Will your clean eating group appreciate an essay about the perils of potty training? You wish you had all the answers!


    Well, the day has finally come. It is now or never. There is no turning back. You are now completely exposed. This can go one of two ways. Either way, you will rock it!


    At the end of the day, it is not the prestige of the blog. It is not about the number of comments and shares. It is about you and how you accomplished a goal. For that, you are proud. You hope the world is ready for you. If not, too bad, because you are here to stay!

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