The history of skincare dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians as human beings since the prehistoric period believed that the quality of one’s skin is nothing but the reflection of how they treat themselves. However, many people even in the 21st century are unaware of the fact that human skin is extremely sensitive to both external and internal factors such as diet, mood, daily routine etc. Along with these factors, the quality of skin care products that one uses has a direct impact on the quality of their skin. With personalised skincare experts like Dermalogica coming to the fore in Australia, people can buy skin care products according to their skin texture and lifestyle at affordable rates. Adding quality skincare ingredients to one’s skincare routine will improve the health and resiliency of their skin. On the contrary, using low-quality products can cause severe problems like dryness, breakouts, allergies and even skin cancer. Make sure that the skincare brand that you choose has exposure to recent developments in skin therapy as well.


Preserve Healthy Skin

It is needless to say that maintaining a healthy skincare routine can keep a lot of skin problems like acne, wrinkles and dryness at bay. The key advantage of buying products from a well-informed supplier is that one gets to buy skincare products that suit their skin tone. It not only maintains a natural glow for a long time but also reduces the chances of skin cancer. In addition to internal factors like diet and nutrition, external agents like dust and UV radiation also pose a major threat to human skin. Using good quality sunscreens solve the problem to a great extent. 

Be Mindful of Skin Shedding 

Did you know that your skin sheds on a regular basis? The shiny skin that one notices today might not become dull the next day due to the shedding of skin cells. If one does not follow a healthy skincare routine, the newly formed skin might look dull and will have a lot of imperfections. Cleansers, toners and moisturisers help maintain the resilience and youthful look of the skin. 

Protect the Largest Organ in your Body

Many people still have the misconception that skincare is only for beauty enhancement. However, skin acts as a barrier against foreign particles like bacteria and protects the human body from harmful external elements. When proper skincare does not take place, it may slowly lead to the weakening of the immune system as well. This would mean that foreign substances will have easy access to the cells and tissues. Additionally, a lethargic skin routine would lead to the accumulation of harmful toxins in the skin since they would have no other way out! This would result in serious issues such as premature ageing. That is why skin therapists claim that nourishing one’s skin is as good as taking all the vital minerals, vitamins and healthy food. 


Although low-quality ingredients might boast about giving instant results they can cause more harm in the longer run. If one stacks one’s skincare routine with such products, it can lead to multiple issues like allergic reactions, skin cancer, premature ageing, breakouts, dryness and clogged pores. 


All these factors point to the truth that maintaining good skin is the first step in choosing a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, good skin is the reflection of the way one carries herself/himself. It tells a lot about one’s personality and daily routine. A good skin routine followed by a proper diet and workout will make a lot of things easier in one’s life.

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