The Future of Management Training, According to an Expert

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This article will break down what likely awaits us in the future of management training. I will also attempt to explain how this future may be beneficial for both employees and employers. For those looking to get started with management training, this article should give you some insight on what you’re getting yourself into. Let’s explore!

A brief introduction begins the post: The Future of Management Training, According to an Expert “Employee engagement is at an all-time low. The qualifications for the position don’t match the demands, and managers are increasingly under-qualified.” – Janet Fletcher

Consider this, if our current predictions are accurate. Our current collective mindset is increasingly dedicated to progress. Achieving increased levels of efficiency, making more money, or becoming better at our jobs is the last thing on the minds of most employees. As further proof, I point to improvements in technology that allow us all to work remotely. Hooray for us! However, despite these technological advancements that allow employers to gain more time and efficiency over employees (who now have less time), it must be noted that employee engagement has decreased significantly. We don’t care about work anymore. Why? Perhaps we’re too busy taking selfies and posting them online, or maybe we’re entirely burnt out and tired after working 8+ hours a day.

Employees are greatly unhappy with the current state of affairs, and rightfully so. As a manager, you can attest to this fact on some level. But how do we fix it? Or is it even fixable? In this article I will attempt to explain how managers can prepare for the future of management training, which may very well be upon us in the next 5-7 years. Change is in the air, and it’s up to you as a manager to make sure your employees are prepared for it.

More from Janet Fletcher “I was recently speaking with a very large real estate company about their management training. It was clear that they desired a system that would be flexible, allow their employees to learn at their own pace and provide them with all the tools they would need to succeed. What they really needed was an advanced version of an e-learning instruction platform.”

The problem statement is introduced: It’s Time to Improve Management Training “As a collective workforce, we’re much less engaged. The key reason for this has been explained as being under-qualified by our employers. The lack of desired skills has led to an ever-increasing rate of disengagement, which in turn has become a growing problem for employers.” – Janet Fletcher

We face a problem, and it is a significant one. As a manager, you will agree that the percentage of your workforce actively engaged with their jobs is far below expectations. How does this happen? Is it the result of specific elements within management training itself? Is it the result of poor or outdated training methods? In short: why do employees not care anymore? And as managers, we as individuals are largely to blame as well as part of this blame must also fall on you. But, don’t feel so bad about yourself, because this situation is not your fault. It is merely an unfortunate coincidence that you are now tasked with fixing.

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