Relocating to Thailand: 5 Top Tips to Make the Move a Smooth One

ryu orn JQ WgCJk5ow unsplash
ryu orn JQ WgCJk5ow unsplash

If you are a digital nomad who has Thailand in their sights, you certainly aren’t alone; many digital entrepreneurs are enjoying a holiday lifestyle year-round and what’s not to like about living in a tropical paradise?

Here are a few tips for seasoned expats to help you make a smooth transition.

  1. Make good use of the Internet – There’s much you can do online regarding preparation for the move; research potential locations and when looking at accommodation, always read the online guest reviews. Airbnb has some great poolside villas for short and long-term rental; we advise short stay at first, which gives you a chance to get to know the area.
  2. Long term visas – It can be difficult for a young person to obtain a long-term visa; options include education visa, or you could study Buddhism or Muay Thai – registering with a school allows you to apply for an annual visa and if you are planning to register your business, you will need a work permit in Thailand, which a top immigration law firm can facilitate. Never allow your visa to expire, as this incurs a daily fine and could lead to deportation and blacklisting.
  3. Bangkok removal services – If, for example, you are coming from the UK or US, resist the temptation to use a local removalist, rather book your container transportation through a Bangkok import agent, who can facilitate the arrival and release of all your stuff, which will be waiting for you when you arrive. You will save a lot of money by doing this. Importing anything into Thailand can be a nightmare, so use a local agent who knows the ropes and you won’t have to pay import tax. Click here for tips on starting a business.
  4. Changing money – We don’t advise changing any money at Bangkok airport; perhaps $50 for taxis, but you get a much better rate from money exchange in the city. Of course, you will need a Thai bank account and you can choose to have online banking as an extra, then you can connect with your PayPal account. Bitcoin is the best way to move money around; download the Bitcoin wallet software and check out the many features.
  5. Learn the language – We recommend taking some online lessons before you arrive, as this will enable you to communicate with the locals. Start with basics like how to greet and respond; learn the numbers (for shopping) and when you arrive, you will already know the basics. English is not widely spoken outside of Bangkok and major tourist areas and speaking Thai allows you to gain an insight into the local culture. Click here for current entry requirements into Thailand.

This will be the start of a new and exciting period in your life, which should lead to a long love affair with amazing Thailand. You won’t find it hard to meet other expats and with everything you need, your Thailand experience awaits!

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