Painless Root Canal Therapy is Now within Your Reach

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Usually, one of the least taken care of areas in our body, is our mouth, surprised? Well, there are not many of us who invest a lot to keep our teeth healthy, do we? Unless and until they remind us of their existence with mild to severe aching symptoms! And if your dentist has suggested you to go through a root canal therapy, there is no reason for you feel terrified. Sharing with you some of the best tips for root canal treatment in Canberra.

Your smile does say a lot about you. And you say more about yourself with your smile. Don’t you agree? People just can’t stop gushing over a baby when they giggle. Think about that moment when your crush smiled at you making your heartbeats go faster. The times when you laughed together with your family, your friends; when you colleague cracked a PJ, when your partner touched your soul with that smile… a smile brings back a bunch of memories. Don’t let dental pain take away your smile. Choose root canal if you must.

Do You Need Root Canal?

If your endodontist has prescribed you a root canal procedure, then yes you do need it. Endodontists suggest root canal treatment to save your teeth from deteriorating. They try to save your natural tooth to avoid any artificial tooth replacements going forward. Also, root canal therapy is regarded as the top line procedure to preserve your natural tooth/teeth.

When Do You Need Root Canal?

Let us start with the basics. This is just to give you a fair understanding of when the health care professionals consider root canal treatment for their patients. This is not a self diagnosable condition at all. For further information, please contact your dentist or endodontist.

So a root canal therapy is carried when the pulp inside your teeth is infected. The procedure not only eliminates the bacteria inside your root canal but also blocks future re-infection. At times, when a root canal treatment is not executed, the tooth condition might worsen and call for a tooth extraction.

How Is the Root Canal Procedure Carried out?

There are a number of notions going around related to the root canal procedure. However, the procedure itself works this way- when the tooth pulp is inflamed or infected, it is removed so that the tooth can be cleaned and disinfected from the inside. Next, the tooth is filled and sealed. 

The following defined terms will help you get a better understanding of root canal treatment.

Tooth Pulp- Beneath the white enamel of your teeth and dentin(hard layer), the soft tissue containing nerves and blood vessels that help grow the root of your teeth.

Tooth Pulp Inflammation- When infected by bacteria that causes the pulp to swell. The painful condition is also known as pulpitis.

Symptoms That You Need Root Canal Therapy

The below symptoms are only an indication that you might root canal treatment and not an official declaration. For confirmation, always visit a specialist.

  • Darkening of tooth
  • Hot and cold sensation that linger for an extended period
  • Small bumps on gum
  • Tooth pain
  • Swelling in gums

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Several rumours in media declare the root canal therapy to be a painful process. However, such suggestions are false, and the reality is entirely different. The root canal treatment helps the patients get rid of the pain caused by the pulp infection. In fact, if such cases are left untreated, and the condition gets worse, the situation might be way more painful. And such conditions often lead to expensive prosthetic restorations which can get more agonising. The best root canal treatment in Canberrahas been able to change the baseless preconceived notions of many towards root canal procedure. Every year, a million teeth are saved, restored, and protected from further microbial invasions.

Also, root canals are quick and more affordable these days. So, if your health care provider asks you to get the procedure done, get it done!

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment – At a Glance!

Know the right reasons-

  • Cures infected tooth pulp
  • Relieves you from pain
  • Protects teeth from further contamination, damage
  • Can be performed on damaged teeth as well
  • Preserves your natural teeth
  • No need to go for artificial replacements
  • Allows you to chew food better
  • Bite food normally
  • Usual sensation
  • Tooth/teeth appearance is natural
  • Protects other teeth from getting infected or strain
  • A quick and healthy procedure
  • Lets you have a healthy mouth and smile

Root canals, these days hold an excellent success rate. The root canal treatment in Canberrais safe, effective and avoids costly dental restorative works going forward.

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