Packing for the Weekend: Is Your Luggage Too Full of Goods?

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    People that are packing for the weekend usually pack too many items. They will fill their luggage or suitcase with clothes, shoes, and electronics to make sure they have what they need. But is this really necessary? It turns out that if you don’t pack any clothes at all but still bring your favorite gadgets and devices, then you can save a lot of space in your bag! So before you go on vacation or head off to the beach for the weekend, be sure to check out PG GAME‘s tips on how to pack light!

    ● Pack an outfit for each day of the trip, no more. You’ll be surprised at just how well you can mix and match clothes when they are limited in number! And if you change your plans while traveling, then it’s not as big a deal because all that is needed is one extra shirt or skirt.

    ● Bring only electronics that are necessary for your destination so there will be less weight to lug around. Plus this cuts down on battery usage too since these devices won’t always need charging throughout the weekend.

    ● Be mindful about what shoes you bring along with you – choose comfortable ones instead of those new heels that aren’t broken in yet.

    ● Bring a few toiletries if you are going to be staying at somebody’s house and want to use their shower or bathroom. Otherwise, it would be preferable for the traveler to buy these items locally instead of packing them in advance.

    ● Get creative with your storage space! Use small bags that have multiple purposes – one might work as both a bag for dirty laundry and another could hold snacks or first-aid supplies. You can pack this gear on top of each other which will make it easier when unpacking too because everything is visible at once without having things shoved into every nook and cranny imaginable (which leads to missing important items). Plus you’ll see instantly what needs attention before leaving town again next time around.

    ● For those of you who prefer to pack a few clothes, take care in what goes into your suitcase or backpack. Packing too many items can put an unwanted strain on the body when lugging it around town all day and could lead to injury.

    ● Another benefit for packing light? Cheaper storage fees! If there are any unused spaces left over then store them away so they’ll be readily available next time instead of paying more money for another bag’s worth of space – that is if the airline will allow this extra luggage at no additional cost.

    ● Can’t find room for that last item? Keep in mind the weight restriction on your baggage. The airlines usually have a maximum limit of 50 pounds per bag, and it’s not always possible to send things ahead or buy what you need when you land at your destination. Remember that depending on where you’re going and how many flights are involved, there may be different restrictions than if you were flying domestically within America!

    • Another way to keep everything under control is by packing strategically: lay out all clothes first before adding any other items. This could also help prevent wrinkling from some folded shirts – another benefit of wearing them again after being washed instead of using space in the suitcase with new ones!


    This is a blog about packing for the weekend and how to pack light. But it’s not just any old blog, you will learn new ways of packing that can save space in your bag or luggage without sacrificing what you need! Want to know more? Check out PG GAME today!

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