Is Kratom a Wise Choice? Read to Find Out!


Kratom, originating from a Southeast Asian plant has become quite a rage of sorts. More and more people are warming up to the concept of consuming Kratom capsules, Kratom tea, Kratom gummies, and many more such interesting varieties. 

There are different variants of the herb made available for consumption including Green Maeng Da Kratom, Red Maeng Da Kratom, and so on. The popularity of the herb has ensured easy availability too. Securing the best variety of Kratom powder from a “Kratom shop near me” is an easy task these days.  However, owing to the fact that the herb is of supplement variety, none of its formulations are honored by the FDA. As a result, there are safety concerns associated with the drug. 

So is Kratom safe? Are there any concerns related to extensive consumption? We take a look at some inputs here. 

Evaluating the Safety Concerns of Kratom: Some Inputs

What does the herb do once consumed? Kratom contains a substance called Mitragynine which is a binder for opiate receptors. Unlike opiates that cause sedation and promote relaxation, Kratom is consumed for enhancing alertness. It is a typical stimulant when consumed in controlled quantities. However, a relaxing effect can be indulged with higher doses of Kratom. It is important to understand, however, that Kratom never possesses a “knocking out” effect. It is typically consumed for pain management. Chronic aches and pains are managed well with controlled doses of Kratom, consumed over a period of time. 

Are there risks involved? Although much research has not been conducted about Kratom and it’s after effects, largely, it is not considered to possess very many health risks. Most after effects of Kratom consumption are considered to be mild and manageable. There have been reports of liver problems and liver damage in certain cases. In case of symptoms, medical attention must therefore be sought without much delay. 

Does Kratom Cause Addiction? Getting addicted to Kratom is rare but not entirely impossible. As compared to opiates, addiction symptoms are extremely mild and withdrawal symptoms are relatively absent. Some very mild symptoms can occur in people who have subjected themselves to heavy usage of Kratom over a very long period. On the contrary, Kratom powder is often used for managing withdrawal symptoms stemming from Opiate addiction. When compared, it certainly qualifies as a less harmful substance than opiates, barbiturates, and the like. 

Are there performance benefits? Consuming Kratom for energy boosting is common. It is consumed by sports professionals and bodybuilders for stamina building and also for enhancing performance levels. In addition, the powder also helps in recovering from chronic muscle aches and pains. 
Kratom is not palatable either. Dissolving Kratom powder in water can result in a clumpy concoction that might be difficult to consume, especially during the initial days. When planning to purchase Kratom in Oklahoma, consider spending on gummies or capsules instead. Staring with these would be easy. Gradually you can move to Kratom teas and health drinks as you become more and more used to this drug.

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