iPhone 11 Screen Repair Guide


When your iPhone screen breaks, you may feel a mixture of shock and frustration. Luckily, several guides aim to solve these problems by providing step-by-step instructions on how to replace the screen on your device. Here is an iPhone 11 screen repair guide to help you quickly fix broken screens.

1. Switching off the iPhone 11

First and foremost, you will want to shut down the iPhone 11 completely. For this, slide and hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider appears. The exact time duration depends on your device model, but it will likely last a minute or less.

2. Removing the pentalobe screws

Use the spudger to carefully remove the battery by sliding it into the small notch. Once the battery is removed, take out the pentalobe screws to do the iPhone 11 screen replacement. Please place them in a safe place, so you do not lose them.

3. Loosening the screen

Altogether remove the screen. It is done by inserting the suction cup into one of the four corners, pulling until it is free from the rest of the body.

4. Disconnecting the display connectors

Using the Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the two screws near the connector and remove them. Slowly lift the display by sliding your fingers underneath for an easier iPhone 11 screen replacement. Don’t forget to disconnect the digitizer cables.

5. Loosening the earpiece

Remove the ear speaker with the appropriate screwdriver. Make sure that it is entirely removed by thoroughly inspecting all areas of the earpiece.

6. Removing the sensor and earpiece flex cable

If the screen assembly rests on a spring, remove it. You can do this by unscrewing the two screws at the bottom. After that, carefully lift the display assembly and move it to the side to expose the flex cable. The flex cable should be easily distinguishable from other plastic cables attached to the display assembly.

7. Removing the back plate

Now it is time to peel the back plate off. . You should be able to see a grey adhesive holding the back plate onto the iPhone 11. Gently lift at first, and then altogether remove the back plate.

8. Preparing the new display unit

Remove adhesive from the new display unit. It is usually sold in its singular form, although it may come in multiple quantities for iPhone 11 screen replacement depending on your purchase order.

9. Installing the back plate

Before you install the new back plate, make sure to remove any plastic tabs sticking out. You can do this by gently removing them with your hands or with a metal spudger.

10. Installing the sensors

The first step is to resolve confusion on where these sensors should be placed on your new back plate. You should find them at the bottom of your iPhone 11 inside the four corners of the screen assembly. Put the sensor facing away from you and ensure it is facing inwards.

11. Installing the earpiece

Before installing the earpiece flex cable, remove any extra adhesive from the new back plate. Next, remove the old back plate and clean up any leftover adhesive.

12. Attaching a new frame sticker

Press the bumper sticker into place on the inside of your new display. It is necessary to remove any extra adhesive from the sticker.

13. Connecting the display

Be sure to connect the display carefully. You can lift the display assembly and reconnect the connectors as you lower it into place. Ensure no cables are sticking out too much or laying against the back plate until your cables are tucked in correctly.

14. Testing the iPhone 11

Plug the iPhone 11 into a power source and turn it on. If the screen is working correctly, you will hear a sound when you plug in your device.

15. Installing the display

First, you will want to apply the adhesive. It is best to use an applicator to apply the adhesive because it allows you to precisely control the amount of adhesive applied. Once the adhesive is on your device, place it so that the side of your iPhone 11 that was not previously exposed can click into place.

16. Fastening the pentalobe screws

Fasten the pentalobe screws with your Phillips screwdriver. It would be best if you put them back in the holes from which they were taken earlier.

17. Testing the iPhone 11 again

Use your iPhone 11 to ensure everything is working correctly before putting it back together.

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