Interested in joining the tiny house movement? 6 Tiny Home Ideas to get you started

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There are many reasons to consider buying or building a tiny home. On the practical side, you might have environmental concerns and budget constraints. From an aesthetic and lifestyle point of view, tiny houses encourage minimalism and are often the result of a DIY approach to putting a roof over your head.

What Are Tiny Homes?

Tiny homes come in many varieties. Typically less than 500 square feet, tiny houses may or may not require a foundation. They can be mobile, on wheels, or water. You can buy one move-in ready, put one together from a kit, or go fully DIY and build from scratch. 

Get brainstorming with some fun tiny home ideas.

6 Tiny Home Ideas

1. Log Cabins

An American classic, log cabins had a big revival in the 1970s “Back to the land” movement. Today there are many companies that sell kits for tiny log cabins, but they are also a popular choice for people looking to build their own. After all, generations of regular folk have done just that.

2. Houseboats

Whether you opt for a craft initially designed to be lived in or renovate a small boat yourself, houseboats are a great option if you want to be mobile but don’t mind restricting your itineraries to waterways. 

3. Shipping Containers

You may be surprised to learn that shipping containers are among the most popular materials for tiny homes. Suitable for the modular design, shipping containers can be stacked or connected side-to-side. You can start with one and add more units as needed. 

If starting with shipping containers, do your research! This tiny home idea may not be DIY from scratch, but it will require significant renovations, including some that pose risks of damaging the structural integrity. However, because shipping container homes are so popular, plenty of reliable instructions and potential mentors are available.

4. Granny Pods

The tiny home idea of the granny pod refers more to a set of homes that share a common purpose rather than a common structure. As multi-generational living becomes more common in America, families are looking for ways to be close without stepping on each other’s toes. Also sometimes referred to as mother-in-law suites, with a bit of rebranding, granny pods can easily accommodate grandpas, fathers (in-law or otherwise), adult children, or even strangers. They are becoming a popular way to put your property on a rental website.

5. Arched Cabins

If you’re looking for a tiny home idea that is beautiful, inexpensive, and available as an easily assembled kit, arched cabins are an excellent choice. The open floor plan makes them highly customizable; arched cabins are popular for home offices, art studios, and children’s playrooms.

6. Treehouses

Consider making yourself a livable treehouse if you’re looking for a challenging tiny home idea. If you don’t have an enormous tree on your property, these can be built between a few trees or a pseudo-tree house on stilts.

Explore The Tiny Home Movement 

With so many tiny home ideas available online, there’s sure to be one for you. Find your tiny dream home today!

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