How to Protect Your Joints While Exercising?


We all love bodybuilding. Just like a parent loves their child. Moreover, in the same way we do not notice his shortcomings. In addition, they, guys, are available. Something, by God, worse than speed. What am I talking about? About the destruction of the joints, more precisely, the abrasion of the cartilage covering the rubbing surfaces of the bones.

You can’t look inside the joint. Are you sure that your knees, elbows, hip joints are perfectly lubricated, trouble-free mechanisms, and not worn out, rusted pistons? In any case, it is clear that if you do not treat, then preventive measures should be taken. Then it will be too late. If the cartilage wears off, bodybuilding will have to give up. Moreover, not only on it. 

There is only one fate – crutches, a wheelchair … Generally, medicine is trying to transplant donor cartilage, but this is still an experiment. Again, prevention is what remains. Moreover, the sooner you start the better. However, make sure you know about wrapping sprained ankles as it could come handy later on.

Dynamic duo

For a long time, doctors categorically did not believe in drugs capable of “patching” damaged cartilaginous surfaces. They say that there are no such drugs and cannot be in the world. Cartilage is not skin. Any damage to cartilage is like a scratch on glass. Try to find a remedy to make the glass crack heal. But here is an undeniable sensation – glucosamine and chondroitin. The effectiveness of both has been confirmed by extremely numerous scientific experiments. 

Why is science so worried about these drugs, why is it rechecking? The fact is that life expectancy is increasing, and today many live up to the complete physical wear and tear of cartilage. The prophylactic use of drugs promises a revolutionary continuation of an active life for the elderly. In addition, there are diseases that slowly eat away at cartilage tissue.

Vitamins for Pain

So, glucosamine and chondroitin rightfully top our list, but there are other quite worthy supplements in it. In particular, “miracle vitamins” C and E. “Fertilizing” with vitamin C significantly alleviates the suffering of patients with arthritis. Moreover, this is almost the same as traumatic abrasion of cartilage. 

Beta-carotene and vitamin E have a similar effect, but vitamin C is more potent. Niacin (also known as niacin, nicotinamide, or niacin amide) is worth looking into. It has a very beneficial effect on the joints. Finally, let’s add folate and vitamin B12 to our list.

Fats Improve Joint

Function Essential fatty acids are called irreplaceable because your body cannot do without them. Of these, linoleic acid and gamma-linoleic acid should be distinguished, contained in primrose oil and borage. Among other things, they can be of great benefit to your joints.

In one experiment, 40 patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis received either primrose oil (6 grams per day) or a pacifier (placebo) in the form of olive oil. At the same time, they all continued to take anti-inflammatory drugs. After a three-month course, patients treated with evening primrose oil felt much better, while olive oil had no effect (which, however, was to be expected).


You can’t go far without lubrication It can be considered proven that glucosamine, chondroitin, as well as some vitamins and fats have a beneficial effect on the functioning and health of our joints. In bodybuilders, joints work, as they say, for wear and tear. So all these drugs will not harm us, one benefit. Use them as a preventive measure during periods of heavy training, and in case of joint pain, on an ongoing basis. Until healed

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