How To Fix Pii Error Code in Microsoft Outlook 10 Easy Methods


The error could be the subsequent one. There are various reasons, because of which you might be confronting error. Now Restart Outlook and, hopefully, the error should be resolved.

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If you still receive the Outlook error after trying all the above methods, you may consider reinstalling the office package. Inside the Outlook folder, press Ctrl + A keys to select all the cache files and Delete them. Now, you will see all mail accounts that are configured to your Outlook. Check if there are any duplicate accounts.

Next, go to More Settings and check SMTP Port Number that should be the same as the one in FAE. Know if you need a more secure SSL connection. Are you facing error code on your Microsoft account? It is a network error related to your SMTP server, and you need to check your software preferences to find out if there is any configuration issue to solve this problem. If you want to use the Microsoft Outlook software for your personal use, often you will be asked to get the license.

Sometimes, this error can appear due to a temporary issue with your internet connection, and resetting your router can often resolve such issues. Our main aim is to help you solve the error codeoccurring while accessingMS Outlook. We tried to guide you with the best possible steps to solve this problem you are facing in Outlook. Before you get started, first check your account settings.