How To Boost Immunity in Infants, Babies & Toddlers

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As a parent, you want your son or daughter to be happy and healthy. Part of this means working to ensure he or she develops a healthy immune system. When you learn how to boost kids immune system, you help to ensure they suffer from fewer colds, are not as susceptible to the passage of germs, and learn healthy lifestyle habits that they’ll take with them into adulthood.

Serve Your Baby Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

As your infant grows to an age where he or she can eat pureed foods, ensure you provide plenty of fruits and vegetables. Carrots, oranges, green beans, strawberries, and other produce items contain phytonutrients known as carotenoids that boost immunity. As your child grows into an adult, these same nutrients may fight against heart disease or other chronic ailments. Other nutrients are important as well, and it’s okay to provide supplements to help your baby’s development. Wellements Organic Vitamin D Drops for baby boost healthy bone development. 

Don’t Use Antibiotics if They Aren’t Needed

As your baby ages into toddlerhood and beyond, he or she is likely to get the occasional cold, sore throat, or stomach flu. The chances are you want to take your sick child to the pediatrician immediately. Don’t be surprised if he or she doesn’t prescribe antibiotics, though, and don’t pressure them. Most childhood illnesses are viruses that don’t respond to antibiotics. If your child takes antibiotics when they aren’t necessary, he or she will be more susceptible to antibiotic-resistant bacterial illnesses in the future. 

Keep Germs Away From Your Baby

It used to be that people believed exposing their children to germs helped to boost the immune system. While it isn’t practical or advisable to keep your child indoors and in a bubble all the time, it is still important to teach your baby or toddler how to prevent the spread of illness-causing germs. Teach your child how to wash his or her hands when it is age-appropriate and supervise when doing so. Wash hands after using the bathroom, playing with pets, playing outside, or arriving home from daycare. Keep your son or daughter interested in the “game” by using brightly colored towels and aromatic soaps in fun shapes. 

Let Your Baby Sleep More

Just like adults, children who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to falling victim to illness. Healthy foods and positive Wellements Organic Probiotic Drops reviews only go so far. When your kids want to sleep, let them. Keep in mind that infants sleep as much as 16 hours a day, while toddlers need up to 14 hours of sleep. Once your child reaches preschool, he or she still needs as much as 13 hours. If your son or daughter loves to fight naps, be sure to set an earlier bedtime.  

Despite your best efforts, your children will still get sick sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s a natural, normal, and even healthy part of childhood. Luckily, with the right supplements, hygiene habits, and amount of sleep, it will happen less often.

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