How Logistics will Affect our Future

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It should come as no surprise that the future of humanity will be significantly affected by the evolution of logistics. It is not surprising because logistics has been a partner to the advancement of civilization since Egypt was a superpower. A great many of humanity’s accomplishments were made possible because of the advancing ability to get resources and people, and machinery, to where they needed to be in a timely fashion. European nations essentially took over the world through their significant advantages in performing and managing complex operations at great distances. A lot has changed since colonial days, but the digital revolution is still transforming every aspect of our lives, and it is making logistics more potent than ever.

  • Communication is the Key: Long ago, when communication was only as fast as your fastest horse or ship, there was a lot of guesswork and inaccuracy in getting materials where they needed to go. Excellent logs were kept, but this information was hard to duplicate and impossible to send ahead. If something happened along the way, it might never be known what occurred, and losses were expected. But as communication advanced, first with the telegraph and later through radio and digital formats. The precision available changed many things for business. Complicated operations could be managed from great distances, and inventory control became much more precise. Digital databases fortified this effect even more.
  • Rapid Advancements: The speed with which things have changed has favoured early adopters of new systems. Some logistics groups like TecDis Network have specialised in technology. There are now logistics companies trying their best to catch up, but the gap may continue to grow. Even the basic machinery of logistics is changing, favouring automation over manual machines that have been dependable over the last century. Click here for innovative technologies that are changing the world we live in.
  • Robotics and AI: Robots have many uses, and more advantages seem to be discovered every day. They have been particularly revolutionary in the fields of manufacturing and logistics. The future of all industries is going to see a tremendous rise in machines taking over human roles. It is in part being made easier by the simultaneous advancements in the field of AI. Autonomous machines can now handle manufacturing, warehousing, stocking inventory, inspecting goods, loading freight, and other things. And they can do these things with speed and precision at a level that would be unimaginable for human workers. The implications of this are not fully understood; what will be the fate of the worker? Time will tell.

Very soon, we will be receiving items at our homes that were ordered by our appliances, paid for by some application. And these items will have been manufactured and delivered from distant locations, without ever being touched by a human’s hand. The internet of things is set to tie directly into the logistics and technology revolution. It is an exciting time for us to be alive. But it is also a time when we should be careful to recognise and embrace the things about humanity that must not be lost.

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