How Do I Start My GSET Exam Preparation?

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The Gujarat State Eligibility Test (GSET) exam is an exam for testing eligibility. This exam assesses the eligibility of an aspirant to apply for the position of Assistant Professor in universities and colleges of Gujarat. In this exam, aspirants domiciled in Gujarat can only apply. It is a crucial exam for future Assistant Professors of Gujarat. 

Here are some solutions to the problems one might face while preparing for the GSET exam.

How to approach GSET? How much time will it take to appear for the exam confidently?

The earlier one starts preparation, the better it is. But, you need at least six months or a year to prepare for the exam. This preparation time may seem overwhelming, but it will be fruitful.

You must be persistent with studying. Frequent revisions to basics and new concepts are mandatory. Mock tests also play a crucial role to build your confidence. In this way, you’ll feel less nervous during the actual test.

These are some tips to help you prepare for GSET:

Tip 1. A SWOT analysis of your Bachelor’s and Master’s course.

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

Always take a SWOT analysis of your Bachelor’s and Master’s course. A SWOT analysis is a planning strategy.

  • Strengths in aspirants can refer to topics that an aspirant may find easy.
  • Weaknesses may refer to subjects and modules that you may find challenging.
  • Opportunities may refer to new ways to test your ability. It also includes current methods of finding materials from several resources.
  • Threats may refer to the problems that you may face while preparing for this course.

Every student will have a different for preparing for this exam. A SWOT analysis can give a better insight into the material you have and help you use your time in the best way.

Tip 2. Analyze the different parts of the course.

As we all know, GSET comprises the following parts.

  1. Teaching aptitude – which focuses on child psychology and teaching methods

This module is the crucial part of this test since most of you are not exactly the most experienced in teaching. The questions are MCQs, but these can be pretty demanding. So check out BYJU’s Exam Prep website for a set of question papers to practise.

  1. Research aptitude – which focuses on the research skill. It checks a candidate’s ability to research a particular topic. 

Many aspirants find this module easy. It is because most aspirants have experience in writing research papers. Try brushing up on your skills now and then.

  1. Comprehension – is when they present a summary and ask some questions based on it. 

The only way you can ace this part is by ample practice. Also, some grammatical knowledge will help you along the way.

  1. Communication – this part focuses on effective means of communication. Relevant notes for the same are available in BYJU’s Exam Prep.

Other subjects included in the syllabus are:

  1. Mathematical reasoning and aptitude
  2. Logical reasoning
  3. Data interpretation
  4. Information and communication technology
  5. People’s development and environment
  6. Higher education system

All these subjects are important. Frequent revision of notes along with tests are compulsory. Analyze your strong and weak points and prepare according to notes for the same.

Tip 3. Preparation of Notes.

Short notes or to-go notes will help you proceed and learn and feel confident on the day of the GSET exams.

Tip 4. Test yourself and set goals.

Appearing for mock tests will make you feel confident. Also, setting goals for yourself each month and fulfilling them is necessary. It can help you feel assured while preparing for the GSET Examination.

Tip 5. Take some help; it doesn’t hurt.

Frequent revisions, finding new resources, preparing, and taking mock tests can be tiresome. It’s exhausting to do all this by yourself. So don’t shy away from taking any help. BYJU’S Exam Prep is there to help you achieve your dream. It provides experienced teachers with teaching the concepts and taking consistent mock tests. They also help every aspirant feel confident while appearing in the exams.


So, finally, let’s understand, we all are different. But after reading the above guidelines, GSET may not seem that overwhelming anymore.

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