How Can I Get Into Insurance Marketing?

Insurance Marketing

Insurance is a huge industry that has grown exponentially over the last decade, and global insurance is worth over $1.8 trillion annually. This means there are plenty of opportunities for those who want to enter the field.

The insurance industry provides a great way to earn extra income or even replace your full-time job which is why it’s such a great career choice. Breaking into the field may prove to be a bit difficult, but the best way to get into insurance marketing is by utilizing online learning platforms and courses.

1. Join Online Learning Platforms and Courses

This digital age has brought about an evolution in learning. Distance education or online learning is a great place to begin your career in insurance marketing. Some platforms will even provide you with an industry certification.

Virtual learning has become widely accepted and is an effective tool to help bridge the talent gap in insurance marketing. The talent gap arises because most college students prefer technology careers, and many shy away from insurance. As a result, any willing person can learn basic insurance skills through online presentations or seminars.

2. The Online Learning Process

There are plenty of digital careers in insurance. Even minimal exposure to insurance marketing can give rise to potential talent. Online learning is a great opportunity for professionals to train beginners.

To begin online insurance marketing learning, you first need to identify a platform with short and basic courses to help you start your journey. Like with every career, basic skills are the first thing you need to learn. Otherwise, beginning with advanced courses may overwhelm you.

Once you identify an insurance marketing course, click through to the learning platform by creating an account if they prompt you to do so. Then, you can access the course on that platform from anywhere and at any time.

Once you go through the entire course, you can start your career even as you gradually enroll in other advanced courses to understand insurance marketing comprehensively.

Advantages of Online Learning Platforms

1. Free Personal Website

Once you finish learning, some platforms like Insure University provide a fully-built website containing all the services they offer. The website may also be SEO-equipped to increase local traffic and its pages are built with funnels designed for increased conversion rates. Once you get your free website, you can begin advertising on all social media platforms.

2. Free Landing Pages and Email Templates

These free personal landing pages showcase all the services and benefits you offer. The pages also have contract forms connected to your training registration.

The email templates allow you to attract and convert leads.

3. Free Advertisements

You also get internet marketing ad packs. The packs contain creative ad copy for your social media platforms and other display networks to ensure high conversion rates.

4. After-course Career Support

A major benefit of online learning is the extra hand-holding you get after completing the course. Your organizer can help you reach out to insurance agencies. This way, you get a great forward push towards becoming an insurance marketer.


Insurance companies pay millions of dollars every year to those who write effective insurance policies. This means that you do not necessarily need to go to college to become an insurance agent. All you need is a good understanding of math and a stellar online learning platform. 

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