Hosting A Party? 6 Mocktail Recipes You Have to Make


If you’re hosting a party, you should know that not everyone drinks alcohol. That can be either for personal reasons, religion, or other excuses. While you might think that will damper your party, rest assured that it won’t. We’ve got six mocktail recipes that contain no alcohol and taste better than the original drink!

Bust Out The Cucumber

The original drink here is a vesper. The item is named in a novel and, as such, is a pretty popular drink. Try this version for those who want to feel like a secret agent. You only need cucumber, lemon syrup, apple cider vinegar, and a gin alternative. It is recommended, however, that you add lemon cucumber serrano, dry vermouth, and five droppers of bitter orange bitters. The drink pays homage to the cucumber and is known as a cucumber vesper. 

Mocktail Recipes Are Made For Summer

Suppose you want to try a drink that will take your summer party to the next level; try Vieux care. It honors the spirit of New Orleans and has a distinct taste. It contains both non-alcoholic whiskey and non-alcoholic vermouth, which is sweet. Add some honey tea thyme syrup, white verjus, and a few other ingredients, and you’ll have a great recipe.

Let’s Make Some Punch

As far as mocktail recipes are concerned, you can’t go wrong with a punch. With a planter’s punch, you have a mix of fruit and different flavors. You’ll have a slightly sweet but tart taste through the pineapple juice, but the apple cider vinegar and soda water also add a distinct flavor. 

House Red Doesn’t Need Wine

To make a house red that works just as well as the real thing, you’ll need to utilize black tea. Over-steep it and chill it, then add tart cherry juice. You have something that blends well and tastes absolutely amazing through the additional flavors you add. 

Would You Like Champagne?

Mocktail recipes wouldn’t be anything without champagne. This will take non-alcoholic sparkling wine with a garnish of lemon peel, twist sugar, and a couple more ingredients. The taste is a refreshing test of champagne without ever tasting alcohol

Pink Lemonade Is Great Anytime

Pink lemonade isn’t just for summer or ladies. It can be drunk anytime, and the best part of a non-alcoholic version is that it is beautifully done with flavor and will chill you on the hottest days. With some lemon juice, soda water, and a few other ingredients, you’ll see that this will become a party favorite amongst your guests. For a nice touch, garnish the drink with lemon. 

Have Fun Creating Mocktail Recipes

No party is complete without drinks, which is a great way to ensure that you have the best in non-alcoholic beverages. Through our list, you have unique options that put a unique spin on old favorites and new drinks that will quickly make your guests fall in love. Try these recipes, and you’ll never go back.

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