Health Insurance Options for Foreigners in Singapore

Health Insurance

Expat health insurance is designed for foreign nationals who have moved to Singapore to work and live with a valid visa but are neither Singaporeans nor Permanent Residents.

Only three insurance providers—NTUC IncomeShield, AIA, and Great Eastern—offer Integrated Shield health insurance plans for immigrants and expats.

Expat vs International Health Insurance

There are two health insurance options for foreigners in Singapore who stay to study or work. One is the Integrated Shield Plan for Foreigners, a health insurance program that gives you access to regional medical centres. The second one is a global health insurance program.

Local Health Insurance Plan

Furthermore, you should obtain expat (or local) health insurance in Singapore if your profession requires you to have a physical location in Singapore. You do not anticipate travelling or uprooting often to move around international offices.

Foreigners who purchase the local Integrated Shield Plan in Singapore are covered mainly for local medical expenses; any international medical expenses are only partially covered and must be considered emergency cases. Therefore, as long as you are a legitimate resident of Singapore, your local health insurance will be valid.

International Health Insurance

However, if your job necessitates repeated relocations — to international offices in Southeast Asia, for example— you might consider purchasing international health insurance. This would enable your international health insurance to provide you with medical care not only during your time in Singapore but also in other Asian countries like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, or Jakarta.

Additionally, you can choose from other versions of these international health insurance policies, including Asia only, worldwide, and worldwide (without the USA).

Who Needs Expat Health Insurance?

Do you need health insurance if you have a work visa or S-pass? Yes. Your company is required to cover your health insurance costs.

Work Permit or S-Pass

Your company must provide health insurance coverage with a minimum annual range of S$15,000 if you are a foreign national with a work permit or S-Pass. Your company should cover the full cost of health insurance. As for claims that aren’t related to employment, there can be a co-payment of up to 10% of the employee’s monthly salary.

Employment Pass

However, companies are not required to provide health insurance for foreign nationals having Employment Passes. It is strongly advised that you get coverage for yourself if you do not have access to any company health insurance or other types of health insurance.

Private Health Insurance

If you are a frequent traveller looking for a health insurance policy covering your medical expenses worldwide, you must buy international health insurance from private insurance companies.

If I Have Corporate Health Insurance, Do I Still Need Insurance?

Check to see if your employer offers you enough health insurance coverage and if you currently have any other personal health insurance policies before deciding whether you need additional health insurance. You are not required to acquire extra health insurance if your employer and personal coverage adequately protect you.

Some people might decide not to buy personal health insurance if their employers offer sufficient coverage. However, you might not have any medical insurance at all if your firm experiences layoffs, falls into administration, or if you decide to resign.

Use of Singapore’s Local Health System

Foreigners are not eligible for Medishield Life. Foreign nationals residing in Singapore do not use government-funded health plans and services. They cannot use government-funded health plans and related services. They would have to pay if they went to a public hospital.

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