Halloween Trends: 80s in The 20s

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There is a stark difference in the fashion of the 80s and what we have – no one can argue with this. It was a whole different era, and things have progressed way too quickly in the last couple of years, making the comparison a farfetched one. Neon colors, dyed hair, wigs, bold makeup, frills, and oversized top-layers are some of the highlights of that era. 

Along with the fashion trends, Halloween trends evolved too. Halloween Themed Jackets back in those days were not comic-inspired – for starters. Real-life role models and personalities more inspired them. Extra-terrestrial beings were the only otherworldly creatures everyone was interested in. 

Back to the Future and Return of the Jedi were trending in the top lists. Ghostbusters and Full House were everyone’s favorites. Rock bands were also quite popular, and people actively showed up as their favorite musicians in costume parties. Prince, Madonna, and Michael Jackson were ruling the fashion game at all times. 

The iconic movie, The Breakfast Club, came out in the 80s and quickly became a favorite Halloween choice. Plaids, baggy jackets, and bottoms are some of the remnants of that era’s fashion that everyone holds dearly. Not just these, but the sundresses every girl loves to twirl in were also big things in the 80s. 

Women were always at the height of creativity in attires, but in the 80s, men were not lagging. They were involved in fashion as much as their counter group. The fight for the most stylish group was a hot one at that time since no one gave up on their brilliant aesthetics. 

No outfit was considered complete without some accessories. The idea that one would leave the house without accessorizing their outfit never even crossed their minds. Permed hair and bandanas were winning hearts left, right and center and known as the most eclectic phase of the fashion. Ripped tights and motorcycle jackets began their peak time from this era and never left the limelight. 

Big shoulders and shoulder pads are known to get their recognition from the start of this decade. The power suits and blazers that give you an oversized yet classy appearance also introduced during this fusion fashion era that no one can forget about. As we hit the middle of 2020, everyone slowly realizes that most of the fashion of this era inspired by 80s art and attire. 

Dramatic fashion – that is what came to the spotlight in the 80s. No one considered keeping it down in that era, and that is when fashion flourished to its peak. Polka dots, florals, and solid bold colored dresses with wide-brimmed hats and matching belts were an iconic addition to the attires’ eclectic range. 

Even in the casual side of the wardrobes, there were power suits and blazers. Suits in metallic shades got their name spread far and wide when women started wearing them for casual walks and tea parties. When these were trending, sunglasses were reaching new heights too. Stilettos and bold headgear became mandatory for the formals! 

Big and bold – the two most written adjective for fashion in the 80s. There is no doubt that most of the fashion industry experiments were done during this time. Suppose you want a detailed timeline of how the fashion evolved from there, check out the runway pictures. Comparing both eras will tell you how the change is drastic. But with time, this generation is loving the 80s eclectic side too much to let it go once again. 

The world will never forget the turn 80s fashion brought in everyone’s lifestyle. From home décor to festivals, every event met exceptional enthusiasm. While celebrities and artists were busy making a big name for themselves, Japan was coming up with something even more fantastic. Japanese hand-drawn animations, now known as anime, found their origin with the classic film, Akira. 

The film stars an enigmatic and young boy who is full of rebellion. Shotaro Akira is known for his bravery and courage in the face of societal norms and traditions. His past is not a good one; he got orphaned at a young age, but in no did it change his soft and kind-hearted nature. Since he was quick to help anyone, he was a little hot-headed too. 

His impulsive decisions often got him in trouble, but the high-tech motorcycle and Akira Jacket in vibrant red are enough to keep in the good books of the audience. He is a much-loved character who introduced the world to the anime!

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