Global Commerce depends on Global Payments

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Global payments offer commerce solutions for businesses of any size, from the financial services industry to the consumer electronics industry. These provide a seamless and secure connection to virtually all areas of trade with billions in transactions each year. Ask the experts. Alongside our innovative technology, we have 24,000 professionals around the globe who will offer you personalized service for your specific needs. Whatever you want, whatever your industry, whatever your ambitions, our team delivers. Our customers have a network of nearly 40 national and regional offices. Our eternal aim is to keep up with the incredible speed the commerce world is using to expand. 

Why does a business need multiple global payment methods?

Currently, dozens of countries worldwide enforce payment rules. The optimal method of payment depends mainly on the location of suppliers and their expectations. Businesses need to use many different payment formats if they want an easy-to-use payment experience that is tailored to their needs. All types have their own disadvantages and advantages and these disadvantages may affect the satisfaction of suppliers and partners and the workload in their financial and accounting teams. However, using a global E-commerce platform is a highly beneficial solution for businesses part of all industries. Having several payment options worldwide, businesses can receive deposited funds at their preferred time in their local currency.   A platform of this kind offers a way for businesses of any size to connect with each other and make secure transactions. By employing a solution of this kind, businesses can easily trade billions of dollars worth of products each year. If you have any questions, be sure to ask one of the experts. bank, banking, blank

United States ACH

ACH is primarily used as an electronic bank clearinghouse for large batches of debit or credit transactions. Transfers by ACH can be easy and inexpensive. The process requires knowing a few details, specifically the borrower’s bank account and the routing number. The American Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) aims to establish cross-country banking systems for payment settlements. This process takes place in batches and can take dozens of days before a bank gets paid.

Global ACH

ACH Global enables the electronic transfer of money between multiple countries with payees in the local currency. Global ACH payments can be labeled as local banking payments. This service provides recurring payouts to suppliers, advertisers, publishers, and developers in many countries as a fast and reliable alternative.

Same-day ACH

As part of the NACHA’s annual meeting on August 6, 2015, NACHA introduced the first automatic Clearinghouse-like ACH service, supposed to take effect on September 6, 2016. It was used for certain transactions which have been specified. In order to manually carry out massive ACH payments, written instructions may be sent to remitting banks. Those require a direct programmatic interface to the bank or file uploads containing account data and knowledge of bank communications protocols. ACH sends an ACH code when there are errors. This is a safer method of payment.

Advantages of an ACH

ACH transfers are an easy method of transmission money between American banks. ACH transfers can be done online and payment is reversible. ACH payment routines help in avoiding late and missed payments. ACH also helps improve the reliability of payments.

Disadvantages of an ACH

ACH transfers have some disadvantages. An ACH may require a minimum of four days and the transaction has to have time to be completed every day. If there is any delay, the transfer time may be longer. It is important to mention that ACH payments are payments that also limit their use for international transfers. The bank may limit how much money it can be sent within each transaction (which can vary by day, week, or month). It limits savings transfer rates to six dollars yearly in all the new markets.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is an electronic money transferring method, taking place between banks. It involves sending funds directly to a bank account. A wire is the easiest international payment method since it does not require intermediaries to make the transfer.

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Advantages of Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are preferred by customers due to their reliability and speed because the transferred funds can be used immediately by the receiver. Some wire transfers have a very strong ability to tackle cross-border change. The local laws vary between states and require wire transfers with specific identification details. Thus, professional payment providers offer maximum service to the payor via direct transfer.

Disadvantages of a wire transfer

It is advisable to remember that wire transfers are the most costly electronic method. Generally, there are fees to transfer money and there may be intermediary banking fees. Often, wire transfers failing in some situations may cost more to identify.

Paper checks

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Paper checks require banks to deposit certain money from an individual bank’s account to another payor. Upon receipt of this check, the payer can deposit the check directly in the holder’s bank account. A cash advance is not returned until the payer’s account is credited and refunded to the holder’s bank account. The central authority acts as an intermediary for all bank transactions. ACH offers an electronic transfer service across banks that clears and settles paper checks. This process is done in batches and sometimes it can take more than a day before the funds are cleared.

Advantages of paper checks

The paper check is a widely accepted payment method of payment. Businesses can print checks at home and send them out straight. To perform a large volume of paper checks, banks might offer a print-checks service for payment which is automatically sent to the originating banking bank. It also digitizes everything that is happening online and makes payments easy and quick to use.


Keeping up with the way in which eCommerce is changing is something businesses cannot do on their own. It is imperative that you can offer your clients complete payment experiences and give them the option to pay in their preferred currency and using the desired method. Having one simple payment method means restraining your profits. Working with a partner that may secure your business with multiple payment methods and currency is a sure path to success.

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