Getting Yourself Into Good Physical Shape Has Never Been More Important.

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The statistics are in and it has now been realised that many people are putting on at least 6 to 8 kg during these covid times. People are stuck at home and they are restricted as to what they can do and their movements as well. Many people who used to enjoy going for a brisk walk around the neighborhood or in the local park are no longer able to do so and so their health is suffering as a direct result. It is not only affecting them physically but mentally as well and it is fair to say that everyone’s stress levels are pretty high. When you are stressed, you eat a lot as it helps to comfort us when we don’t know what to do.

However, you can‘t keep continuing down this road and although you may feel trapped in your own home, it is essential that you try to do some kind of exercise in your garden or even in your bedroom. If you’re a little unsure about how to get yourself back into shape, then be sure to put on your fantastic running waist bag from Decathlon and start walking or running. It can be difficult motivating yourself into getting into shape and so here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

1. Have realistic goals – Do not set goals for yourself that you know that you are not going to meet. You’ve probably seen professional athletes on television waking up at sunrise and setting off on the morning run. It is very likely that this is not possible for you because you have a job to go to or you might be working online from home. Try to set aside time in the day when you know you can spare 30 minutes or so and so you’re exercising then. Don’t try to start of too strongly and trying to do 10 km on your first day could end up injuring you and stopping you from achieving your fitness goals. Be sensible and take your time. You will get there a little by little and when it’s all over, you can take to the roads also run in the parks. Make sure that you drink lots of water whatever your fitness goal are.

2. Pick an exercise that you like – If running causes you to have sore knees then don’t do it. If you’re not a strong swimmer then that is not the best exercise for you. Try to figure out what exercise is best for you taking into consideration your age, your weight and your fitness level. Getting into shape is all about being able to motivate yourself and if you had doing a particular exercise then it’s going to be difficult to stick to your fitness goals. It is important that when you decide to do the exercises that you are really looking forward to it. You can learn more about keeping healthy and strong here.

Don’t keep putting off until tomorrow, what you can start today and try to make a real commitment to get yourself back into good physical and mental shape. Your new life starts today so make the most of it and remember to have fun while doing it.

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