Flawless Makeup Ideas For A Fang-Tastic Halloween

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We all start thinking about Halloweens as soon as October begins. The most awaited day of the year marks on the 31st of October, giving us the memories of a lifetime. It’s always better to start the Halloween party preparations beforehand as nobody wants to spoil their mood at the last minute, right? Staying on-trend and getting a perfect costume is one hell of a tiring task. Well, the internet is here to give us amazing ideas.

What about a Leather Halloween Costume for an edge? Leather jackets and coats are ideal options to get some famous movie and TV series character’s exact look. Now, after selecting a perfect fit costume, flawless makeup is the next step. Makeup has the power to lift your entire look or take it down, so stay cautious with it. Get some amazing makeup ideas; spooky and non-spooky both; because it’s Halloween, and we can do whatever we want to enjoy to the fullest!

Spooky FAM, Get Over Here!

Makeup is an art that could transform a cute baby face into a creepy monster within minutes. A spooky makeup involves SFX detailing that should always be précised and on point. Follow as many tutorials as you can as mastered in it or opt for an amazing makeup artist to look faultless. Many scary costumes of different movie characters are on-trend these days. So, get an idea, and may your Latte be hot, and your eyeliner be even!

The popular Pennywise, the clown from the movie ‘IT,’ is the hottest pick. Go for his makeup this time and paint your whole face white. Put smokey eyeshadow on eyes and lower lash line too. Paint your nose red and black like a clown and apply dark blood red lipstick. Drag the lipstick in a U-shape till the forehead. Wear a red wig and carry balloons with you to the party. Don’t forget the creepy smile!

The zombie look inspired by Taylor Swift from her video song ‘Looks What You Made Me Do’ is also a good scary alternative. Put on dark colored eyeshadow to give the illusion of hollow eyes. Contour your cheekbones to get a slim zombie face and put on red lipstick to the effect that you’ve just come to the party after eating someone’s stomach and pancreas. 

Go for a scary ‘Stormy and Dark Night’ look and paint blue clouds and white lightening all over your face and neck. Wear a neckless dress for ease. Put on white eyeshadow in a way that it gives the impression that you’ve no pupil. Complete the spooky look with white lipstick. Scare everyone when they make eye contact with you.

The classic Halloween hit, ‘Joker’ look is evergreen. This time, choose the Suicide Squad’s Joker and go all emo and scary. Put white paint on your face and body. With a black liner, write ‘HA HA HA’ on your chest and make a skull on the other side. For the face, go for purple eyeshadow on the eyelid and green eyeshadow for the under eyes. Put on green eyebrow gel and wear a green wig. Put on red lipstick and smudge it to get the perfect Jared Leto effect.

Non-Spooky Gang, We Have Got You Covered!

Going non-spooky is a new trendy thing. Many celebrities and common people have started to opt for these looks to get an edge from the other person. Many movie characters and TV shows have also been inspiring for many years that we didn’t notice at that time.

The popular TV show, ‘Riverdale’ is loved by many people nowadays. The best costume for Halloween inspired by this TV show is a South Serpents Leather Jacket and perfect makeup. Put on red, white, and yellow eyeshadow in the form of a rainbow. For under eyes, go for green eyeshadow, Apply a dark maroon lipstick to complement the look.

Another TV show that’s been a talk of the town is ‘Euphoria.’ If you want to go for Maddy’s look this year, apply her iconic rhinestone eyeliner with blue eyeshadow. Apply a nude lipstick to balance the glittery effect and wear a cheerleader outfit to look exactly like her.

Unicorn Makeup is the cutest one out there. Put on pink blush-on on your cheeks and forehead. For eyes, opt for purple, and pink eyeshade blended equally. For extra effect, don’t forget the lower lash line. With the help of glue, put some studs on the cheeks over the blush-on. Accessorize the look with a cute unicorn horn and make a fish-breaded hairstyle.

Zodiac sign makeup is the most unique one. Choose a star and put on a flawless makeup of an animal that represents the particular star. Like a lion look for Leo and a Ram makeup for Aries. You can even show the natures of each star with the makeup. Use electric liners and create pop arts if you want to look extra. 

If you want to go for Superheroes, but can’t find their masks? Then paint it. Just wear A Star Lord Leather Jacket and use black and grey paint for the face. Wear red glasses and complete the look. Season-themed makeup looks are also in. Go for brown for autumn, play with multicolor for spring, tanned face, and popping lipstick for summers and ice-blue eyes for winter! Snapchat filter makeup looks are the easiest ones. Just choose any one idea, and May your Halloween be as on point as your makeup!

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