Find Out Why a Safety Harness Is a Better Option Than a Vest

Safety Harness

For workers regularly exposed to hazardous working environments, wearing the proper safety gear is crucial. Many safety harnesses provide full-torso protection, with straps that wrap around the shoulder, the waist, and the leg areas. You are less likely to endure long standing injuries with safety harnesses, as the pressure is evenly disrupted across the body. In cases where falling is a possibility, you want to choose full-body harness options to minimize the impact of the injury. 

Aside from the hazards of chest restriction during falls, you may still be wondering if there is truly an ideal clothing choice for safety. With so many options to choose from, it’s understandable that you may unintentionally miss the main features to look out for in protective gear. But, when it comes to harsh work environments, safety harnesses outrank vest alternatives by a landslide. 

While you may have better luck wearing a vest for hunting, if you’re looking to maximize physical safety in your daily work environment, you’ll want a safety harness. 

Read on to discover why a reflective safety harness is a better option than a vest. 

Accurate Fit And Safety

Safety harnesses are adjustable in the waist and shoulders and are also lightweight, making them applicable for all body shapes. Workers can maintain visibility during the day and the night. High visibility ensures that others can see them while working in hazardous environments such as construction sites. Not only do harnesses offer form-fitting security to ensure the physical safety of the wearer, but they are also sleek enough to fit over clothing

Reflective Safety Harnesses Work In All Weather Conditions

One style of harness, the reflective safety harness, does all that and more, with the added protective quality of high-visibility. The reflective safety harness is made with fluorescent fabrics so that the wearer can always remain visible, especially during low light, gray skies, early morning hours, and the hours late into the evening. 

The high visibility is also reflective due to the reflective tape attached to the harness. The added convenience of a reflective safety harness is that it can be worn regardless of the weather. The sleek fit makes it wearable over other uniforms and clothing without causing the wearer to get hot or uncomfortable during warmer months. 

Comfort and Convenience 

Unlike safety harnesses, safety vests are less comfortable as they are not as adjustable. They also do not offer the same cooling comfort or flexibility. With less ability to meet the needs of the wearer, they are not as practical. Additionally, not all vests meet safety standards and, therefore, increase safety concerns across teams. They also lack the same quantity and inventory as safety harnesses, making them less likely to meet purchasing demands. 

Put Your Safety First 

Working in construction or off-road work environments poses many safety risks. Don’t settle for safety gear that offers far less protection and comfort when the alternative is readily available. Put your safety first with a reflective safety harness that keeps you visible and safe on the job.

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