FAQs Before Calling a Towing Service

Towing Service

In case your car breaks down and leaves you in the middle of nowhere, naturally, you will be worried and would want to make sure the problem is fixed as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are credible towing services in the market today that stand by and get your car safely to the destination of your choice. 

There is no possible way anyone can know when their automobile might break down due to a puncture, battery leakage, or some identical issue. Keeping this in mind, particular situations might also demand immediate towing, so being aware of when you should handle the issue yourself and when you should be calling upon a trustworthy towing service is crucial. 

If you see that the situation demands calling a service provider, then, before you avail of their service, it would be wise to solicit some questions to dodge any potential problem or hidden expenditures. 

1)Will You Get An Approximate Of The Towing Expenditure?

Remember to ask for an approximate expense of the towing before giving them a nod. Ignoring this precaution may force you to end up in a situation where you are obliged to pay an unreasonably higher amount than what is normally charged. 

2) Will You Get The Bill? 

Ensure you procure the bill from the service providers before they tow your four-wheeler away. It is always better to cross-check their credibility and ensure an open deal.

3) In what mode should the payment be made?

With digital marketing taking over other modes of payment today, towing businesses are unwilling to accept some modes as they consider them outdated. In order to avoid ending up in a situation where you will be unable to pay them upfront, make sure you inquire with them what modes of payment they are willing to consent to. 

4) Are they A Licensed Tower?

Always check whether the service provider is a licensed one – the most effortless way to do it would be to request to show them their license. Then you will know because a licensed service provider is always happy to show his customer that they are working with authority. You may think it does not matter but remember that opting for a licensed provider is always safe and secure. 

5) Will There Be Additional Expenditures?

No customer likes to discover concealed expenditures at the time of payment. Try and keep the whole deal as transparent as possible and check with them whether there are any additional expenditures involved. 

6) Where Will they take your car?

Enquire the destination to which your vehicle will be towed. Avoid any miscommunication. Make sure you exercise your right as a customer to determine the destination to which your vehicle will be towed. Also, it is important to be aware that after a set distance has been towed, they may charge you extra for an extra mile. 

7) In What Time Will The Towing Vehicle Arrive? 

Most towing businesses let you know how much time it may take on average for them to reach your location unless you are in a remote location. Ideal towing companies notify you when they are almost at your location to prepare you mentally for their arrival.

These questions will help you assess the credibility of a towing service. It is essential to know the things mentioned above to ensure a pleasant experience.

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