Facebook Integration in Contact Center Software is Simply Indispensable

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    There is no need to watch from the sidelines as people interact on Facebook. If your call center agents wish to engage then they must put aside the main contact center software dashboard and switch to Facebook. How many times a day can they do this and not get frustrated? The better thing to do, for your agents and for customer service, is to integrate Facebook into your contact center solution and turn it into social media customer service software. The writing is on the wall and integrated omnichannel call center solution will help you meet current trends and challenges of customer services. 

    Facebook popularity

    Facebook stares you in the face. Literally. It has over 1.73 billion active users out of a total of 2.60 billion worldwide, reaching over 0% of internet users. 69% adults in the age group of 35 years and below in the US are on Facebook. Significant is the fact that, on an average, a Facebook user spends about an hour on the platform every day. What do these Facebookers do? They chat. Many post videos. Some promote themselves, their products and services (small business users number 80 million) and people look for products, opinions and voice grievances about social causes or products they have bought. The last one is significant. This is because if one user says something good or bad it is picked up and spread in a ripple fashion across the social media pond. This applies to contact centers engaged in marketing and customer services. 86% of US marketers lean towards Facebook. 78% Americans discover products through Facebook. In a word, Facebook is indispensable.

    Happy agents, happy customers

    Ask your agents if they are on Facebook. The answer will be an unqualified Yes. This means they are quite familiar with the social media channel. Facebook integrated contact center software does away with the need to keep a separate channel open and switch between the software’s dashboard and Facebook page. Work becomes fluid, stress reduces and your agents can do more in less time. Your agents are happy. Prompt responses or even intervention that they did not expect come as a pleasant surprise for customers. It pleases them that the business engages through their favorite medium. Time is no constraint. Agents use their mobiles out of office to keep track and respond promptly. Happy customers means more business. 

    Keep it private or make it public

    Facebook’s messenger has great features that allow you to respond to one customer and steer that customer into a private Messenger chat if the topic so warrants. It is just as easy to interact publicly and let others see the outcome. Customers expect responses within an hour of posting a complaint. Respond, resolve and enhance reputation with ease. You have access to Facebook’s unified inbox that ties together messages through Facebook, Instagram and Messenger and all such messages can also go into your CRM. The inbox has further utility in that it serves as a limited CRM tool, storing basic information about customers and comments. It is easy to manage chats, mark them for follow up and for review. It is best to use contact center software that integrates Facebook and Instagram if this is what you want. 

    Everything goes into your centralized records

    A fluid work environment that brings down walls of communication is one thing. The more important aspect is that of maintaining records and keeping track of interactions. It can be frustrating to find that part of the conversation is on Facebook messenger, another on Whatsapp, a third on phone recording. Should you, at any time, wish to access these records to get a complete picture it becomes a time consuming task. By unifying social media with other channels and porting such communications into centralized records you avoid the frustration of scattered records and the effort it entails. Even better, you can analyze such interaction on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the traditional voice and SMS. 

    The human touch

    Facebook provides a human touch. Customer preferences vary but majority like to interact with a human agent and when you interact live on Facebook it leads to better relationships and garners loyalty. 

    It could be easier and cheaper to use Facebook business page and then third party tools like Sephora, Hootsuite or Sparkcentral but there are downsides to continuity, security and confidentiality of data as well as managing all that customer interaction. Contact center software with Facebook (plus Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp) integration is better on all counts. You can assign messages to specific agents based on skill sets, monitor activities and switch channels with ease through the social media customer service software. Life becomes easier and better. Your agents enjoy working and you gain customer appreciation. You can opt for call center solution with Facebook or simply get a vendor to integrate Facebook into your existing software. 

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