Everything You Need To Know About The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

Backup Strategy

Files are so important nowadays, whether physically or virtually. But, now, files are more tied up on computers, sd cards, phone storage, and any other strategies you can think of; plus, many applications are surfacing in the market right now, they can be free, or they could cost you money. But one thing is for sure; their service must be accurate and cater to all your files securely and safely. Hence, problems will always arise, which is inevitable, especially in technology; viruses and blackouts are possible. There are no warnings about these issues; they exist and corrupt every ounce of your file. So, it is better to avoid it than to encounter it. The only way to swerve this problem is always to have backup strategies or plans. 

If you are a beginner to this topic, rest assured that this will be comprehensive as possible. This information is a step toward being technology literate; after this, all your files will be kept and stored when you do the right Strategy. 

Take notes on these accessible details, and do not forget to share this with your friends to have their files securely. 

1. Making Copies Of Your Files Three Times

Indeed, 3-2-1 means producing your field three times, but they are in different settings or places. This way, if situations where you get your file corrupted, you will still have a tangible copy somewhere. These are the two settings where you will place your file, onsite and offsite. To be specific, two copies onsite and one document offsite. It may be a long work for now, but it will be rewarding and reassuring knowing that you go multiple copies. It will save you from future distress. 

2. People Can Do It On Mac And Pc

The 3-2-1 Strategy is very inclusive, meaning everyone can do it with whatever type of device they have. When you want to access it readily, an onsite backup is a way for you. But, when problems arise, you could have your offsite copies as the solution. 

3. You Could Strengthen Your Onsite Files

It would help if you heightened the security of your onsite files by being aware of the things you click on your device. Never click on suspicious sites; always be conscious of what you do on your device. Plus, learn more about your device and constantly update your files with the help of legit software. 

4. Offsite Storage Could Also Be Strengthen

Indeed, software or applications could ease the managing process of your files. For example, the Backblaze is for the external drives to keep their function and performance. Plus, Backblaze also helps with the security of your external drives.

5. It Is Appropriate For Everyone

There may be multiple strategies that you could try out, and it is alright. It would help if you tried to explore; hence, this is the most comprehensive Strategy; it may take a lot of processes, but this is one of the most promising strategies as long as you take care of your onsite and offsite storage conditions. 

Professionals and even students could do this Strategy, as it is easy and they could master it in a short time. Plus, it is your responsibility to take care of your devices and use trusted software that could greatly help the function of your storage. 

6. Trusted Software Could Be A Big Help In the 3-2-1 Strategy

Always remember to acquire software in an authorized way. That way, there will be no extra baggage like viruses and malfunctions in future storage usage. Trusted software like Backblaze could alleviate your onsite and offsite data management process. If you start your backup plan correctly, there will be little chance of complications.

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