Email Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Immediately

Email Marketing

Modern small businesses are well aware of the importance of an online presence. Engaging with consumers using proven methods like content and email marketing can help you unlock a lot of new sales leads. If you are currently using emails for marketing, you need to audit your existing process of creating and sending out new messages to consumers.

The average small business owner knows very little about how to create and execute a successful email marketing campaign. This lack of knowledge leads to many mistakes being made. Ongoing email marketing mistakes can tarnish your image and make lead generation nearly impossible.

Below are some email marketing mistakes you need to stop making immediately.

Going Overboard With Photos and Graphics

Over 54 percent of businesses owners in the United States claim to use email marketing to increase sales. If you are trying to boost your bottom line with the help of email marketing, then you need to avoid overwhelming email recipients with too many photos and graphics. While it is important to incorporate visual elements into your marketing email design, you need to know when to stop.

If your emails are primarily comprised of images and graphics, they are probably being ignored by consumers. This is why finding the right mix of text and visual elements is imperative. If you are sending out shorter email messages, then you should embed no more than two images or graphics.

Poor Subject Lines Can Get in the Way of Email Marketing Success

The consumers you send messages to receive lots of emails on a daily basis. The subject line of your email is the first thing a recipient will notice. If this subject line is poorly written or boring, it will probably be ignored. This is why you need to focus on creating headlines that are attention-grabbing and descriptive.

A great email subject line should feature characteristics like:

·        Short and concise

·        They provide value

·        Closely related to the topic of the email

·        Professional sounding

Perfecting subject lines will require lots of hard work and data.

Ignoring Mobile Users

Did you realize over 77 percent of Americans use a mobile device on a daily basis. If the email marketing campaigns you invest in aren’t optimized for mobile users, you will lose a lot of potential sales leads. This is why you need to work on testing your emails on a variety of different mobile platforms.

The information from these tests will allow you to optimize your campaigns to ensure that emails can be read on all platforms. By optimizing your email marketing campaigns for mobile users, you can grow your bottom line over time. If you want to make your emails more appealing to mobile users, think about doing things like:

·        Use short subject lines

·        Stick to a one-column layout

·        Keep your images small

·        Use buttons over hyperlinks

·        Larger fonts are important

Are you currently making the mistakes mentioned above? If so, it is time to make some changes.

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