Elevate Your Movie-Watching Experience


Frequent moviegoers would agree that typical movie theater chairs are not the most comfortable. Most auditoriums are packed to the brim with as many seats as possible, leaving customers with little leg room and little room to recline their seats. To remedy this situation, a movie house in Switzerland built a “VIP bedroom,” replete with double beds in place of the traditional cinema around five years ago. It is akin to having your cinema in your house.

Several movie theaters around the world followed. However, with the ongoing health crisis, this experience is best enjoyed in the privacy of your home with your loved ones. After all, health must take priority. 

This made home theater setups increasingly popular, with most preferring to enjoy movie watching in limited spaces. Aside from the excellent audiovisual equipment that most already have, one needed investment is a home theater couch bed. After all, what is better than watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home or snuggled next to a loved one.

If you have decided to recreate a theater bed in your home, you might want to take inspiration from these theaters around the world:

  • The Electric Cinema London
  • Olympia Music Hall Paris
  • Cinéma Gaumont Pathé Europacorp La Joliette – Marseille
  • Pathé – Aargau
  • Buda Bed cinema – Budapest 
  • L’Amour « Hô Chi Minh » – Vietnam
  • Blitz Megaplex – Jakarta  
  • Gold Class Movies – Sydney  
  • The Enigma Theater – Bangkok

Why will commercial theaters be different?

Movie watching in the future will be radically different from how you used to enjoy it. With a mix of vaccinated and non-vaccinated moviegoers, it might be more prudent to exercise caution and watch from the safety of our home. Until it is medically safe, it is best to explore other options to enjoy what you love, like watching a movie.

Movies, aka Visual Art, will continue.

Individuals continue to be interested in movies. They enjoy watching these works that tell them stories, sometimes of dreams, but more often of reality, and take them on beautiful journeys. However, they prefer to watch them at home, lying on their beds or sofas, with the computer overheating on their knees, rather than going to a movie theater where they find themselves crammed into small and uncomfortable seats or exposed to unknown harm. After those long days at work, during which everyone is running in all directions, the general population no longer wants to exert the effort of moving since the alternative is readily available, and the Internet provides access to a wide variety of films to watch. That is why we are seeing fewer people at the movie, and that is why new concepts are beginning to emerge in trying to reclaim some of that audience.

Who hasn’t fantasized about being able to watch a movie while lying down? You can enjoy this in your home with a home theater couch bed. Luxury beds have served many other establishments. Now, going to one of those unique theaters with its excellent bed seats might not be feasible yet, but you have the opportunity to create your own experience. This concept was developed to provide the maximum possible pleasure to all those who want to feel at home while watching a movie: simply lie down and enjoy the perks of your hard-earned labor. 

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