Easily Get The Same Figure As A Female Star? Try the shapewear

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Whenever you watch or read about your favorite celebrities on the red carpet, do you often wondered how they look so slim and curvaceous? Do wish to have figures like them? It is hard to look great on the red carpet with many camera flashing lights capturing every angle of their bodies and showing off the clothes they wear with confidence.  Believe it or not, one of the best kept beauty secrets of the celebrities is shapewear. What you cannot see on the red carpet makes all the difference in how they look.

Shapewear plays an important role in boosting self-confidence on the red carpet or just about anywhere. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Beyonce and many others have admitted to wearing shapewear or double belt waist trainer to smooth out any lumps for a sleeker overall look. Many celebs make shapewear their must-have in order for clothes to appear beautiful on cameras or any wardrobe malfunction that may occur not just on the red carpet but on a daily basis as well.

Some of the reasons why shapewear is worn include:-

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Shapewear can smooth out any lumps and bumps, flattens the tummy and control the hips
  • Helps to improve your figure and posture effortlessly
  • Embraces the natural curves and give the derriere a lift
  • Avoid visible panty line

How To Look Sleek Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Do you want to know what kind of shapewear celebrities wear and how you can get the same sculpt figure like them without any extreme diet or going under the knife?  Shapewear comes in many different types of designs, styles and levels of compression. Ahead are some of the most preferred shapewear for women that are available at Sculptshe.com, a leading shapewear retailer that offers solution for all types of figures and targeted areas that you want to smooth out.

High waisted shorts

This shapewear is very popular due to its smart coverage and versatility.  These shapewear high waisted shorts can flatten the tummy, while lifting the rear and smoothing the hips. You can smooth out those love handles and boost your natural curves with this high waist brief body shaper.  It features a front zipper hook for maximum tummy control.

Under Bust Body Shaper

If you want an all over shaping effect, you are probably a full body shaper enthusiast.  The right full body shaper is a game-changer to boost confidence. Shapewear bodysuits offer enhanced coverage and control at the same time. This wonderful under bust shaper is your best option to lift your breasts, tone your core, control the stomach, highlight the derriere and also slims the thighs. Featuring adjustable shoulder straps with hooks, it has a flat side zipper for easy wearing and is unnoticeable under outfits.

Underwear Shaper

Celebrities like Oprah once said she doesn’t wear normal panties and instead chose to wear shaper panties.  The reason is that shaper panties offer targeted control over the tummy and rear, and you can wear other pieces without suffocating or restraining yourself. This shapewear panty features a hi leg opening style and seamless finishes. Made with nylon and spandex, it is breathable, offer high waist smoothing and no VPL.  It shapes your curve while allowing maximum mobility.


Waist Trainers

Many celebrities wear waist trainers and have publicly endorsed them. Waist trainers are very popular for those who want to the illusion of a slimmer waist. Wearing one during workout can also strengthen your core. 

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