Duttons Most Stylish: Kelly Reilly Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

It rarely happens that a television cast is as powerful as a big-screen blockbuster. Yellowstone, a neo-Western family saga, has brought some big names of Hollywood together. The rating is off the chart for all seasons of the TV series for multiple reasons. First, you cannot match the charm of the whole cast with another show. Second, the Western setting is perfect. Third, irresistible outfits and Halloween Jackets

The whole family stays at a ranch, and you can expect what wild fashion ensembles they must wear! A strong-headed and powerful female character, Beth Dutton is a woman who knows what she is capable of. She is the kickass daughter of the ranch’s owner, John and Evelyn Dutton, known as a lioness who finds her place amidst the family politics. 

Vintage Class

Throughout the show, she has put forward some splendid acting skills and a tremendous show of style. Beth’s character is portrayed by Kelly Reilly, who is known for her aesthetics and brilliant tastes. She has exhibited the same class she possesses in her real-life appearances in the TV show as well. 

The classic shearling coat she wears with a wide-brimmed hat is a sight for sore eyes. There is a powerful aura around her every look. This attire is super easy to recreate with the help of minimal new items. The rest is most probably available in your closet already. Beth’s assertiveness is translated into her attires, too, as she wears kickass and classy long coats most of the time. 

Long Dark Coats! 

If you are bored with mainstream fashion too, then this nostalgic trip to an authentic Western environment is just what you need. This show is ideal for binge-watching, and while you sit on your couch all day binging it, do not forget to take inspirations from it. The trench coat Beth wears in the third season of Yellowstone lies somewhere between modern and vintage. 

It brings you the best in the world and can be your next favorite formal top-layer. There is a whole other class attached to the features of this dark-hued long coat. For work environments, semi-formal dinners, and meetings, this is highly appropriate outerwear. Once you get the hang of it, you will never want to switch back to a snug and uncomfortable attire. 

The bomber is the way to go! 

Beth Dutton does not wait for someone to run her errands. The woman is quite self-sufficient and loves to show off her unique apparel choices throughout the seasons. Her usual color palette ranges in between shades of brown, black and blue – the standard colors. She does not have a bubbly side, hence no elaborate outfits. You will only find the extraordinary class from her wardrobe, not anything glamourous or gaudy. 

The famous horse brown bomber jacket she wears with a wide-brimmed hat has a different fan base for real. It takes real confidence and comfort to pull off something this brilliantly. Even if you get the best existing wardrobe, you cannot win the game simple with a bunch of iconic apparel. The way you carry them and style them matters a lot too. 

Bomber jackets typically are casual wear items, but when paired with a fancy inner shirt or bottoms, they can transform into a semi-formal item. In the same way, a pair of vintage jeans and boots will give you the ultimate cowgirl look! 

Navajo Anorak Cape

Beth’s most iconic top-layer, the blue hooded woolen cape style outerwear, is probably the best thing you will own. It is inspired by a tribal style cape that has embroidery style colorful print on the front. It is also the most colorful top-wear Beth has showcased in the whole series. The hype for this outfit is crazy and justified! 

This Yellowstone Beth Dutton Coat works as a double purchase since it can be worn as authentic costume apparel or a mesmerizing fashion ensemble. In both manners, it is an eye-catching piece with unique and quirky features. Beth’s usual style is a lot different than this poncho-style cape, but ever since she showcased this, the ladies are going gaga over it – as they should. 

This cape is inspired by the vintage Western tribal wear and has a soft vibe to it. The enveloping and warm style of the cape looks pretty welcoming in the colder seasons, especially when jackets feel too snug and uncomfortable. Nothing about Beth’s style says she is ordinary, and following in her steps will make you your best version! 

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