Drift Hunters 3D Overview |Money Making and Drifting Guide

Drift Hunters

Drift Hunters is a 3D exciting car racing game with realistic drifting physics. The option to drift on various exciting tracks and a collection of awesome cars make Drift Hunter so thrilling. Players can earn points by drifting in this game. And use the points to upgrade existing cars or buy a new one.

Overview and Features

Drift Hunter is free to play, and you can play it easily in a browser or download the mobile app. 

The graphics is great with a solid frame rate and smooth gameplay. As the game uses UNITY Engine, it has a realistic 3D world and physics for control and drifting. 


Drift Hunter has more than 25 customizable cars. The first car of the game is the Toyota Corolla AE86. While developing more drifting skills, you will earn money, and then you can buy more gorgeous cars like Ford Mustang Fastback (S550), Mercedes Benz AMG CLA Saloon, BMW M3 (E46) and more. 

In Drift Hunters, the most expensive car is Porsche 911 GT (993), while the fastest one is the Nissan GT-R (R35).

Customization and tuning

You can customize your favorite car to adjust more with your drifting skill by tuning the turbo, rear offset, brake balance and many more options. Also, you can upgrade the engine, gearbox, brakes and any old parts with the superior one from the PARTS Department to make your car even more powerful. Before hitting the track, add extra rims and color your car for a more shiny and gorgeous presence.


The game has 10 realistic tracks, including unique race tracks and city streets. Some tracks have long corners and are easy to drift, and some have sharp turns, where it is a bit daunting to make a perfect drift. The first track is the NISHURI track, but there is more tracks that are suitable for beginners and advanced players.

How to Make Money

When you start Drift Hunter, you get 25000 CR money to spend. With all the cars available to buy and the customization to make, sure you will feel this cash scarce.  

Relax! Rather than buying a car immediately, it’s better you spend the money to optimize your existing car. Now, when you are ready to take the wheel, it’s time to know the techniques to earn more cash to buy your favorite cars. 

The first thing is to practice to develop drifting skills. While you earn money in all drifts, the secret is the combos. Combos will multiply your earnings in each drift. Though you start with the X1 combo with the right skill, you can take it to even X20. 

Sure, it will take advanced drifting skills and control with the wheel. But before going to the art and skills of drifting, first look at the following tips, to begin with for achieving cash-

Focus on control: To start with, focus on control and turn the wheel smoothly to keep the consistency of your drift. A controlled drift will always earn you extra money than abrupt crazy ones.

Choose the best track: While it’s tempting to drive on challenging tracks, you should choose the roads with smooth edges and simple turns to earn money. Because the lower the obstacles, the easier it is to achieve drifts with combos. For example, Nishuri and Emashi are two excellent tracks to earn easy money.

How to Master Drifting

You already know that the drifting physics is realistic in Drift Hunter. Keeping that in mind, it’s fun to practice the drifting skills while hearing the friction of the tires and the road. To achieve mastery, you have to know the techniques of drifting.

First, you need to understand how the car moves and reacts to your keypress or controller. Before going for drifts, drive your car to go left and right to grasp the sensitivity of the wheel. Next, try more intricate controls by going to the road’s edges and trying to avoid hitting the wall or grass.

When you get a hold of your car control, follow these drifting techniques-

The E-brake method: This is the primary technique to start a drift. When you use the E-brake, the rear wheels get locked. The car starts to slow down and shifts the weight. This makes it easy to turn the car in steep turnings. You can press the space button to use the E-brake.

Changing direction: This technique requires balancing the throttle and the steering angle. Try to steer the car in a direction and counter it with the right amount of throttle. When the rear end starts to come out, you need to steer in the opposite direction and press the throttle simultaneously. In the beginning, you may not get the balance, but it would come in control after some time. Small presses of the E-brake can also help to achieve the angle.


Developing the skills in Drift Hunter takes some time. But once you spend some time practicing, more fun starts to happen. With more money in your garage, you can buy luxurious racing cars and upgrade them. Finally, you get a rich garage and can hit the road for more extreme drifts.

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