Different Types of Phone Screen Damage and Problems

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Smartphone ownership has become an integral part of everyone’s life today. In fact, in Brisbane, almost all Aussies aged 18 and above owned a smartphone during 2019. More than 50 per cent of teens here own an Apple iPhone, and 22 per cent have Samsung phones. Broken screens of mobile phones are one of the most common results of accidentally dropping them. It is essential to repair the cracks and prevent them from spreading all over the phone in such cases. Ideally, you should seek a service offering phone screen repair in Brisbane that provides a year’s guarantee on screen repair. Quality services are also offered at low prices. Here are some significant damaged screens and problems that people often encounter.

Glass Damage 

The topmost layer of your phone’s screen is a glass shield. It safeguards the components that lie beneath it. Suppose you find your screen webbed or cracked, but the picture beneath it is still active. In this case, only the top layer of the screen is broken. You should be careful at this point. Although there is no harm to any of the internal components, the glass of the top layer is quite sharp and can cut your skin severely. It’s wise to avail of professional help in such a case. But if you cannot, put a screen protector on your screen’s surface. It will hold the glass in its place. 

LCD Damage 

LCD implies Liquid Crystal Display. It’s the point where electronics interface with the screen and displays the program in your smartphone to its screen. When the LCD gets damaged, you can’t interface with the smartphone. LCD damage results in unusual colour patterns or partial blackouts in the smartphone screen.

Component Damage 

Component damage implies damaged cables or chips in your phone. When they get damaged, they don’t project appropriately to the screen. A part of the screen doesn’t work with this kind of damage. It can also be that you can see all the things clearly but cannot interact with your smartphone. This issue is challenging to diagnose and resolve. It can arise due to several things malfunctioning because of damage. You should immediately take your phone to a reliable phone repair service if you find signs of component damage.

Common Phone Screen Problems

  • Frozen screen – If you possess a phone whose storage space is depleted or an older phone, you may find your phone screen starting to freeze frequently. One of the easiest things you can do to resolve it is restart your phone.
  • Zoomed–in screen – is a typical phone screen problem that iPhone users face. If your phone’s lock screen has the functionality of ”Zoom Out,” it may be difficult for you to disable this feature. Try to double-click on your screen with three of your fingers to turn the feature off.
  • Flickering phone screen – The problem of the screen display flickering is a result of numerous causes that vary according to the model of your phone. Flickering problems result from software or an app or damage to your phone. 

82 per cent of teenagers aged 14 to 17 in Brisbane engage in activities like watching videos on their smartphone with their friends, playing games, and music. Any damage to the phone can put a halt to all such activities. It’s wise to seek a phone screen repair in Brisbane service with experts who conduct repair services of varying complexities and have the experience to diagnose and repair even a water-damaged phone. Moreover, you can get repairs like screen repairs and simple part replacements on the same day. It ensures that you keep using your phone for various activities.

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