Choosing the Perfect Picture Frame for Your Home

Picture Frame

You might think that picking out a picture frame is an easy task. You get a picture, buy a frame, and you’re all set, right? Nope. Picking a frame needs more thought and effort than it looks, especially if you buy a photo frame online.

Picture frames help you display and preserve your precious memories. That said, you want to consider buying a frame that is built to last and should do its job in making sure that it protects your photos. Scroll down to read some tips on how to buy the perfect photo frame for your home.

Choose the right material

You may not know it, but photo frames come in two different types of material: wood and metal. These materials have their ways of being a reliable display case for your memories.

  • Wood frames

Picture frames made of wood are the most common type of frames. They come in various colours and styles and even different shapes and sizes. They can be hung or displayed on your shelves.

Wooden frames give a more traditional look for the home that looks warm and comfortable. It can be used if your home has warm tones or a tropical vibe.

  • Metal frames

Not a lot of people know that there are metal frames. These frames are suitable for photos with a modern vibe, like a black and white photo. The metal look gives a simplistic but edgy vibe that does not draw too much attention to the main piece, which is the photo.

The colour of a metal frame complements a minimalist type of room in your home and can go well with walls with neutral colours such as white, grey, or dark blue tones.

Pick a good colour

When choosing a picture frame colour, there are different approaches that you can take.

  • Choosing a colour from the picture

This technique is not just for accentuating the image itself but for a feeling of continuity like the frame is a part of the picture itself.

  • Take the dramatic route

When you want the picture to be the highlight portion in your room, choose a frame that is the complete opposite of the colour scheme in your photo. This makes the framed display an eye-catching piece in your home.

  • Stay neutral

When you’re not into drawing too much attention to your pictures, it is always safe to go with neutral frames. They are timeless pieces that can match any portion of your home.

Mat or no mat?

Matting adds a decorative atmosphere to your photo and makes sure that your image stands out. It separates your picture with a border to quickly draw the eyes to the photo.

Adding a mat to your photo creates a more formal vibe and makes your frame look tidy and clean. This is more recommended for smaller photographs, but large ones can work with a mat, depending on the look you are aiming to achieve.

But, when your photos are smaller than 5″x5″, you would want to consider adding a mat to your frame to add more depth and make it more in proportion to the wall where you want to hang your frame.

Buying a photo frame online is a more convenient choice for you rather than having to go out and buy one in person. However, before you start paying for that frame, make sure that you are choosing the right one that not only protects your pictures but makes them stand out more in your home.

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